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We’re all about the gorgeous Yang Mi right now and bringing her to the attention of a wider Western audience. Here's the best Yang Mi movies.

Yang Mi: All her very best movies

We’re all about the gorgeous Yang Mi right now and bringing her to the attention of a wider Western audience. We’ve given you what you need to know about Yang Mi along with a list of television shows to check out. Now it’s time for us to turn our gaze toward Yang Mi’s varied and long film career. 

So if you’re curious about Yang Mi’s filmography, then let’s take a look at movies. After all, sometimes, a movie is just an easier time commitment than a television series. Especially when you’re getting into the filmography of a new actor. So here are some of the very best films of Yang Mi.

Mysterious Island (2011) 

This film is pretty early in Yang Mi’s career, but, for a horror fan, it combines both the actress and genuinely scary story. It follows a group heading to the Binlusai Islands for a Survivor style reality competition. On the way there, the boat is attacked, the luggage is lost, and something is hunting the group down.

Creepy, tense, and a decently big hit, Mysterious Island is definitely a great watch for a fan of horror movies and creepy mysterious. While it gets decently intense, it’s not as scary as say Audition or something like that. 

Tiny Times (2013-2015)

Tiny Times is a four-part film series based on the novels written by Guo Jingming, who also directed the films. It follows a group of friends and roommates as they deal with post-school life and various romantic affairs had along the way. Yang Mi stars as Lin Xiao, who works as an editorial assistant and struggles with relationship drama to her boyfriend.

Tiny Times is a more soap opera-y romance drama with doubles, sudden deaths, mysterious secrets, and more coming out into the open. It was popular enough to have four films made. 

The Witness (2015)

The Witness is a remake of a 2011 South Korean film, Blind. Yang Mi stars as rookie police officer Lu Xiaoxing, who was blinded in an accident that killed her brother. Years later, Lu Xiaoxing is trying to be let back on the force while also finding herself targeted by a serial killer. With the help of rebellious musician Lin Chong (Lu Han), Lu Xiaoxing works to crack the case and stop the killing spree. 

As with any great mystery, we’re not getting too deep into details here. The Witness, however, is a tense thrill ride and a puzzle to figure out who the killer is. Yang Mi does a marvelous job playing Lu Xiaoxing and we can also recommend the 2011 film Blind s well. So it’s a twofer recommendation here.

Fall in Love Like a Star (2015) 

Yang Mi stars as hardworking entertainment agent Tian Xin, who finds herself working with her ex-boyfriend popular musician Su Xingyu (Li Yifeng). Tian Xin broke Su Xingyu’s heart when he went to study music abroad and now he wishes to “torture her” by hiring her as his manager. What follows is a romance that is marred by complications, but two people who don’t know how to quit each other.

It’s utter romantic candy and fantasy fluff, but that’s what makes Fall in Love Like a Star so fun. There’s a definite “so bad it’s great” quality to it and Yang Mi definitely brings her all to the role. 

Reset (2017) 

Ready for a twisty time travel sci-fi thriller ala Looper? Definitely check out Reset. Yang Mi stars as a scientist Xia Tian, who is involved in a project examining the possibility of alternate universes and time travel. When her son Dou Dou (Hummer Zhang) is killed by thief and killer Tsui Hu (Wallace Huo) for her research, Xia Tian finds herself going back in time to stop Dou Dou’s death.

Yang Mi plays three separate versions of Xia Tian in the film, which is hard on any actor but Yang Mi kills it. It’s some fun genre fare and plays around with time travel in a very thrilling way. Reset is very much a fun popcorn movie to check out.

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