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Disney has covered every product you could ever want for the 'Star Wars' launch. Here's the amazing, and the downright strange in the film series merch.

All the best ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ swag from the film series merch

Okay, so Baby Yoda toys will not be released until Spring 2020 (way to drop the Baby Yoda here, Disney), but with one month to go until Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker debuts, there is no clear lack of toys and products to treat yourself with before the December 20th release date.

Their marketing reach is as complete and all-encompassing as the Empire itself: Disney has truly covered every product you could ever need or want for the Star Wars launch. Read through to see the amazing, the bizarre, and the downright strange in Star Wars merchandising.


That’s right, an honest-to-God Porsche. Porsche teamed up with Lucasfilm to design a starship that combines elements from the German luxury carmaker, as well as Star Wars, for a fantasy ship that will appear in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and was on full display in the Asia Pacific at Singapore’s The Float @ Marina Bay.

Stormtroopers also attended the event to promote the new four-door Taycan, the company’s first fully-electric sedan.

Three variants of the Taycan have been announced to date, and all are slated to launch in August 2020.  Prices for the car design from a galaxy far, far away are expected to start from around $500,000 Singapore dollars for the Taycan 4S, $650,000 Singapore dollars for the Taycan Turbo, and around $750,000 Singapore dollars for the prime Taycan Turbo S.


Disney and Star Wars partnered with Target for a “shop-in-shop” partnership, and select stores throughout the U.S. launched a Disney store in Target with exclusive Star Wars merchandise. Disney also revealed #ShareTheForceFriday as a campaign to request for consumers to share their own user-generated content with products found in the Target shop-in-shop.

General Electric

General Electric also hopped on the Star Wars train, with publicity sweepstakes and a new marketing campaign for GE appliances called, “Harnessing the Force of Innovation.” 

The campaign features video spots and a merchandising effort in 10,000 stores.


This promotion actually makes a lot of sense. We all remember sitting in the movie theater, slowly suffering as the logo for Lucasfilm appeared and rattled our eardrums before the Star Wars scroll slowly started moving across the screen.

Bose plans to offer audio augmented reality experiences through the official Star Wars app. The experience will give users an immersive audio AR experience with a 360-degree perspective. It will be like that tauntaun is being murdered in the room right next to you.

Any Bose AR-enabled device will work on the Star Wars app. 

Williams Sonoma

This is a clear sign that Disney is going for broke with Star Wars promotion. We get there could be a certain degree of overlap between Star Wars fans and those who use Bose, Target, and even Porsche products, but the partnership with Williams Sonoma takes it to a whole new level.

The only family member shopping at Williams Sonoma is your great aunt Muffy, who wears pearls year-round and has a horse stable she affectionately refers to as “the farm.” 

Your great aunt Muffy also refers to Star Wars as “that loud alien thing,” but we doubt that will stop Disney! Williams Sonoma joined forces with Instant Pot for a new, special edition product featuring different characters from the movie. Your great aunt Muffy will be thrilled!

Pat McGrath

Pat McGrath Labs plans to launch a Star Wars collection on December 19, with packaging covered in iconic characters from the films such as C-3PO and the red Sith Trooper. 

“The palettes are inspired by the characters, costumes, and landscapes, and as a Star Wars superfan I’ll make sure I’ve got two of everything: one to keep untouched and one to add to my everyday beauty kit,” McGrath said.

The collection features three eyeshadow palettes, including  “Mthrshp: Dark Galaxy;” “Mthrshp: Galactic Gold;” and “Mothership IV Decadence.” You can also choose from four lip fetish lip balms that include “Clear,” “Nude Astral,” “Gold Astral,” and “Flesh 3.”


Dannon plans to release new Star Wars-themed smoothie bottles because any young Jedi knows probiotics are basically the same thing as midi-chlorians.

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