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There are ballet/barre exercise routines on the internet for your at-home needs. Here are the very best ballet dance home workouts for you.

The very best ballet dance home workouts to keep you toned

Chances are you’ve heard of barre workouts. A hybrid ballet and exercise class that’s almost like yoga, but not. And no, you don’t need to be a dancer to take part. The thing about barre classes is you kinda need, well, a barre. If you’re at home it’s highly unlikely that you have a ballet studio or barre at your disposal.

However, there are ballet/barre exercise routines on the internet for your at-home needs. Whether you’re looking to become a little more graceful for dance, wanting to be more flexible, or just wanting to spice up your workouts – we have the best ballet and barre routines for you right here.

Pro-tip: If you don’t have a yoga mat, don’t worry. Instead, just lay a semi-thick blanket on the floor, so you aren’t leaning directly into the hard floor.

30 minute & no equipment workout

This thirty-minute routine could easily be confused for yoga if it weren’t for the fact your instructor never holds position. This routine is essentially dance yoga. The instructor bounces around on beat while stretching and toning just about every muscle in your body.

Expect to be tired after this workout and pretty darn sore the next day – especially if this is your first foray into the barre workout world.

15-minute workout

If the thirty-minute workout has you a little nervous, maybe start with this fifteen-minute ballet exercise routine. It comes up first on Google, and that’s for a reason. Your instructor for this video is a former ballerina.

This video also requires no equipment. Keep in mind, some of her moves do look a little advanced, so if you’re new to this type of exercise don’t feel bad if you’re struggling, just do the best you can, and one day you’ll be nailing the whole video.

Beginner barre workout

If you’re wanting to start slower than this fifty-minute video is perfect. Before watching you’ll want to grab a chair, but don’t worry you aren’t going to have to hike your leg on top. The chair is mostly just to help you gain your balance.

This video goes much slower than the previous two, and also explains the technique as you go.

Workout for legs and booty

This video is a quick one – coming in at under eight minutes. It’s mostly just to demonstrate some of the basic barre moves, but specifically moves that will benefit you on leg day. The great thing about this video is that once you learn the moves you can do them on your own and at your own pace.

This video also encourages the use of a chair to help you find your balance.

Floor barre

Another no equipment workout, this video is almost a half an hour of floor work. It takes the kinds of moves you’ve been seeing in the other videos on this list, but translates them to work for when you’re lying down or sitting.

This is a great way to shake up ballet exercise routines if you’ve been doing them for awhile, or remove the need for super good balance if you’re new to barre.

Ballet cardio

This video is a fifteen-minute cardio exercise routine implementing ballet poses and barre workout methods. You get to feel graceful and dance to generic copyright free music all at once – which is more fun than you may think at first glance. This video doesn’t require any equipment either.

Ballet bootcamp

When you’re ready to really take your workouts to the next level the Sweaty Betty Ballet Bootcamp is where you need to go. This forty-minute workout has multiple sections starting with a warm-up, then an arms section, a cardio section, and finally ending in a full-body stretch out.

This video will really have you doing everything, it has standing positions and floor positions, it will keep you moving, and best of all doesn’t need any equipment. This video doesn’t have any music so you may want to play some of your own in the background, but be careful it doesn’t mess with your rhythm.

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