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Let’s talk about everyone’s favorite homeslice, Baby Yoda. If you need a Baby Yoda gif then look no further! Here are some of the best.

Need a Baby Yoda gif? These are the best ones for you ‘Star Wars’ convos

Let’s talk about everyone’s favorite homeslice, Baby Yoda. Okay, yes, the character is called The Child. But, really, he’s going to be Baby Yoda until he gets a name of his own and maybe past that. The world knows him as Baby Yoda, it is what it is. Plus, really, look at how freaking cute this little bean is. Whoever came up with that puppet design deserves an A+ because they win at life. 

Since Baby Yoda is such a popular tour de force of the cultural landscape, it means that everyone is looking for some primetime gifs to drop in the group chat. Why? Baby Yoda is the eternal mood, that’s why. Don’t we all feel like infants trying our best to survive in this world but really just wanting to be held in Pedro Pascal’s arms? Because, let’s be real, we’re all feeling that in 2020.

With that in mind, here are several excellent gifs of Baby Yoda being the eternal mood to use in your next group chat convo about the latest episode of The Mandalorian. 

1. Peeking out after the drama has passed 

As Baby Yoda is an infant, when the danger happens he tends to go and hide. It’s a smart move because look at how small he is! No one should be making this little bean fight. And when the group chat descends into a war, all you want to do is hide in a pot as well. So use this when the danger has passed to make sure everyone is okay. 

Plus, look at how cute that little bit is. Everyone would totally forget about their anger when this Baby Yoda gif appears in the group chat. Don’t you just want to carry him around in his little pot and give him all the love in the world? Parental instincts rear up upon seeing Baby Yoda, just ask Mando himself. 

2. Hug me, I’m scared

In the group chat, sometimes you just want someone to hold you. Given that we’re in the middle of a pandemic, holding each other is not encouraged. In fact, it’s actively discouraged. Oh to be a small little alien baby just wanting to be held against the scary world that you have found yourself in. No, it doesn’t matter that Baby Yoda is about 50 years old.

This gif is prime to give to your friend who is having a bad day and wants a virtual, pandemic safe hug. Won’t they feel better upon seeing him just run up to them wanting to give snuggles? It’s perfect to make everyone feel like the world is a little bright and kinder because Baby Yoda makes everything better. That’s just a fact, duh.

3. Tea time!

Baby Yoda is infinitely meme-able so this gif should already be in your roster. If not, then this classic season one Baby Yoda shows the precocious little guy drinking soup. But, given the cup that it was in, it looks more like tea. You know what group chats thrive on? Spilling that tea. So when your best friend has some serious tea to spill, this gif shows that it’s time to share it. 

Spill that tea, sis! Let Baby Yoda consume it so that his power can grow to infinite levels. Plus, it’s piping and you need to share it right. It’s right up there with that Kermit drinking Lipton one, to begin with, but also dress because Baby Yoda. 

4. Time to vibe

Baby Yoda becoming one with the Force tends to remind people of when they are vibing to their favorite music. Naturally, when you’re all ready to synchronize your vibe time, then it’s definitely to break out this Baby Yoda gif. Look at him, grooving along to the Force.


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