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It’s been a while since anyone has heard news of a 'Baby Driver' sequel. Here's who should replace Ansel Elgort and Kevin Spacey in the sequel.

Who we want in the ‘Baby Driver’ sequel cast instead of Ansel Elgort

It’s been a while since anyone has heard news of a Baby Driver sequel, and perhaps that’s for the best since at this point two of the main characters are played by actors who have been accused of sexual assault. 

For many, the idea of rewatching the original movie is just too uncomfortable now – no matter how much they love it. Let alone the idea of those two actors being hired again to make a second.

However, if Edgar Wright still really, really wants to make a second Baby Driver then we recommend doing so without Ansel Elgort and Kevin Spacey. Just in case Wright is out there looking for ideas we’ve put together a list of actors we think could replace these two that haven’t been revealed as awful humans. At least . . . not at the time of writing this article.


When considering our options we figured the most important things for this actor was to be young & still fairly popular – if not more popular than the previous holder of the role. We did try to ensure there were some visual similarities, but our first choice doesn’t really hold with that.

Tom Holland

This seems like low hanging fruit, but that’s what makes him such a great & viable option. Holland’s name is currently on everyone’s lips. His popularity would get even more butts in seats when theaters are eventually safe to go to again. Not to mention Holland has one of the freshest and youngest faces in Hollywood right now – anyone who’s playing a character named Baby should have a youthful glow.

Lucas Till

If you want someone who is visually a little more similar to Elgort, then Lucas Till may be a great option. They both have oval faces with strong jaws, you could even have Till dye his hair to a sandy brown, and you might be able to pass him as a brother or cousin to Baby, rather than recasting him. (In fact, this should probably be a consideration for any casting – nobody likes a recasted character.)

Granted, Till is pretty busy with the MacGyver reboot series these days, but he has been known to occasionally slip a movie into his schedule during his off months.

Nicholas Hoult

Another fairly young actor which we think could be an interesting choice. Hoult has been on our minds recently since we’ve been watching The Great on Hulu, so pardon us for just mentioning him because we can.

Hoult is a great actor though and we think he could really shine in something like a Baby Driver sequel if given the opportunity.


Our goal with recasting this character wasn’t really to keep the movie feeling the same. Since this is a theoretical sequel we decided to change this character up a bit. Though we did try to come up with actors of a similar age.

Jason Segel

We think he could totally nail being in a movie like Baby Driver. The man deserves more roles, and certainly roles with more range. We already know he can do comedy, so let’s cast him in something a little more serious. We think he could take on the role of Doc (or Doc’s best friend who is taking over) quite well.

Hugh Jackman

Jackman is great at being a leader and taking on serious roles – though we do love him best when he’s singing and dancing like he does in The Greatest Showman. Jackman could put his own spin on the role which would make it stand out.

Keanu Reeves

Why not? Reeves has had a renaissance in popularity lately and he’s been showing up in pretty oddball places at times. Having Keanu Reeves take on the role of Doc would definitely get people interested in the movie, put an interesting & unique twist on the role, and would be kind of hilarious before you watch the movie. Afterwards, nobody would dare laugh because Reeves would do a great job.

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  • whoever made this article is dumb, Tom Holland as Baby? you gotta be kidding me

    June 23, 2020

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