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When Film Daily asked about why 'Anne with an E' should be saved, fans provided heartfelt, impassioned responses. Here they are.

Netflix: Here’s why the ‘Anne with an E’ fandom wants their show back

Beloved Anne of Green Gables Netflix adaptation Anne with an E felt the harsh axe of cancellation on Tuesday. Anne with an E was a co-production between CBC and Netflix that ran for three seasons. For both companies, the series was a popular production with a very loyal & dedicated fanbase.

For those unaware, here’s the basic outline of Anne with an E’s plot. Brother & sister Matthew (R.H. Thomson) and Marilla (Geraldine James) Cuthbert send away for an orphan boy to help around the father. They’re surprised when orphan girl Anne Shirley (Amybeth McNulty) arrives instead. Slowly, Anne’s bright nature wins over the Cuthberts and those around her as she gets into many misadventures along the way.

Anne with an E has received positive reviews from critics over its three seasons. Many praise its stylish cinematography, strong writing, and excellent acting. McNulty, especially, earned a lot of praise for her turn as Anne over the series. McNulty even won a Canadian Screen Award (basically Canada’s Emmy/Oscar) for her role as Anne. The series won a whopping seven awards this past year at the ceremony. 

Even though the cancellation of Anne with an E is relatively recent, fans have galvanized in order to secure a season four renewal for the beloved series. This goal may be tricky to achieve, however, as CBC and Netflix have totally ended their production partnership. 

Annefans have already launched a petition (35,000 signatures and counting) for a season renewal and started the hashtag #SaveAnneWithAnE, flooding Netflix’s comment section on YouTube and their website demanding a fourth season. 

When Film Daily asked about why Anne with an E should be saved, fans provided heartfelt, impassioned responses.

Anne with an E tackles important issues

Many fans praised how Anne with an E examined current issues through the lens of the past. Anne with an E eschewed avoiding controversial subjects like racism, sexism, and more. 

Carospekulatius said that Anne with an E made her feel like she can change the world.

#annewithane tackles so many important issues from the past that are still relevant today (feminism, sexism, racism & more) EMPOWERING the viewer to help change the world. It makes you feel some type of way. Like you can fly or something. #reneweannewithane

blytheshirbert went into more details about the issues Anne with an E discusses and how freeing it is to see people be utterly themselves. Anne with an E encourages others to embrace their differences.

anne with an e brings light to so many important topics such as racism, sexism, freedom of speech, sexual assault, LGBTQ+, first nations people. anne also inspires many people to embrace their differences and be unapologetically themselves! #renewannewithane #awaeseason4

In addition to modern-day issues, Anne with an E focused on finding the positive aspects of life. Yes, Anne struggles. Through her struggles, she hangs onto her hope, fights for her family, and always offers her compassion to those who need it. lovevrus pointed out the themes, reminding tweeps the show has only covered one book of the Anne of Green Gables series. There are so many stories of Anne’s left to tell.

it is a show about love, hope, bravery, kindness and family. it needs to go on because it has so many stories yet to tell. that show has only covered the first book in the aogg book series and we need to see anne going on many more adventures #renewannewithane

Anne with an E is like nothing else on TV

Anne with an E offers an alternative to those tired of the Riverdales and the One Tree Hills of the world. The complex emotional journey at the core of Anne’s story paired with the trappings of a period drama makes it stand out. In a TV landscape that features sexy teens doing sexy things, Anne with an E distinguishes itself proudly as a rich character drama.

AnneShirtleycut9 remarked on the uniqueness of Anne with an E in her response.

This show is not some stupid teen drama it deals with issues that most shows dont. This show deserves everything and it is so pure. I have learned so much from it. Please. Anne with an E saved us, let’s return the favor. #SaveAnneWithAnE  ? #SaveAnneWithAnnE #reneweannewithane

arkvsia_ declared Anne with an E uniquely inspirational. Anne herself has to deal with so much trauma, but she strives to project positivity into the world.

Anne with an e is the most important and inspirational shows I have ever come across. I have learnt so many amazing values and life lessons from the show. Always be kind, no matter how hard you get knocked down. Always try hard, no matter how much people try to stop your success.

More than anything, Anne with an E provides viewers with a safe space and community full of love and support. In fact, several fans shared that watching the show helped save their lives. One is AwaeSnow, who listed how special Anne with an E is before closing on a powerful statement.

– a show that raises awareness about how deep rooted different ideals are such as racism & sexism & shows how they’ve always been wrong
– a show with a primarily teen cast playing their actual ages
– wholesome, family friendly, without being “kiddish”
– saved my life #awaeseason4

The passion of Anne with an E’s creators is clear

When people love their work, their love shows. In film & TV, audiences can always tell when the actors and creatives put their heart and soul into the story they’re telling. To fans of Anne with an E, this passion and dedication is clear in every frame. mariifsg discussed how audiences can see the heart and soul put into each episode.

Anne with an E is a lovely show. You can see everyone working on the show puts a little bit of their heart in every episode and everything is just so beautiful! If this show is not worthy of being renewed I don’t know which show is.

SilverLining333 declared Anne with an E to be beautiful in story, message, and production.

This show is so important for so many of us. Not only its a cinematographic masterpiece, with an incredible cast, but it takes the time to tackle important issues that we face as a society. On a lighter note, it makes you appreciate every little aspect of life and bring you joy.

Unlike a lot of shows on television, Anne with an E has a lot of female creatives involved with telling Anne’s story. Whether script or camera work, Anne with an E is clearly created with a female perspective, a definite rarity. mostardently_ shared that the uniqueness of the series is what draws in viewers.

1. it’s a show written and produced and directed by mostly women and you can tell, the storytelling is just out of this world tackles more important issues with each season AND the audience clearly love it more and more as it goes! #renewannewithane #awaeseason4

If there is one thing to lose, then let it not be hope.

Anne with an E fans are clearly passionate, eloquent, and driven to see the beloved series continue on. Or at least if not continue, then get the proper ending it deserves. The fandom, much like Anne, remains hopeful they can give Anne with an E new life. Nothing sums up the feelings of the fans quite like this tweet from alex95695338

If there’s one message in the show that will stick with me, it’s to always remain hopeful. #awaeseason4 #renewannewithane

That is the powerful truth of the dedication of Anne with an E fans. They’re not losing hope, and neither should you.



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  • The only reason Netflix won’t continue with the quality entertainment such as Anne with an e, the want to continue to dumb down their audience, they don’t want to continue to work with the CBC because they want all the credit and royalties.
    They should really be ashamed but they wear their control out for everyone to see.
    Idiots all…

    February 3, 2020

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