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After a very long conservatorship, it seems like 'She's the Man' star Amanda Bynes is finally free to live her life as she so soberly chooses.

Will ‘She’s The Man’ star Amanda Bynes be free after 9 years?

Amanda Bynes made an industry name for herself when starred in She’s the Man with Channing Tatum. Hollywood was slow to know what 90s kids had learned a long time ago: she was a star in the making. In fact, Bynes already had it made in the shade when she started her movie career.

Bynes brought to life hilariously awful characters on the hit show All That. Her portrayal of an annoying moviegoer in “Courtney at the Movie Theater” made viewers cringe & laugh at the relatability. Yet, Bynes’ willingness to throw herself into outrageous behavior eventually earned her a solo skit with “Ask Ashley!”

Nickelodeon knew they had a hit-maker with the young star, so they gave Bynes her own show. The Amanda Show showcased Bynes’ comedic brilliance & versatility. Unfortunately, though, it also exposed her to the toxic work environment allegedly created by producer Dan Schneider.

she's the man amanda bynes

Amanda Bynes hasn’t been the only Nickelodeon celebrity to allude to Schneider’s inappropriate behavior with young stars. Even former stars of the hit show Victorious have alluded to being made to feel uncomfortable while working with the producer.

she's the man amanda bynes

Not so funny

When Amanda Bynes first started displaying worrisome behavior, no one connected it to those allegations. Most people didn’t even see it as something to be concerned about at first. It just seemed like the She’s the Man star was trying to distance herself from her G-rated roots.

The former Nickelodeon star politely asking Drake to “murder her vagina” left many playfully shocked. Bynes using Twitter to bash Rihanna, however, was less amusing. Sure, we got to watch the Barbadian superstar respond with one of her most iconic clapbacks – but at what cost?

While Bynes was shocking fans on Twitter, her real life was a real-life mess. In 2012, she was arrested for driving under the influence in West Hollywood. Then, in 2013, she was arrested for drug possession. This was all it took for her parents to realize she’d become unable to manage her life on her own.

she's the man amanda bynes

Parents know best

In July 2013, Amanda Bynes even went so far as allegedly starting a small fire at a random person’s house. When the former She’s the Man star could no longer hold the reigns of her mental health, her parents took them for her. 

However, after Bynes wrongfully accused her father of abuse, Lynn Organ stepped up to the plate for her daughter in August 2013. Organ filed for temporary conservatorship twice before the role became a permanent fixture in their lives.

Fans couldn’t help but compare Bynes’ situation with Britney Spears’ conservatorship. Both were high-profile celebrities publicly struggling with mental health. They were understandably concerned for Bynes’ safety from her parents after having watched Spears be taken advantage of by her own.

she's the man amanda bynes

Finally free

Like the idea of returning to pre-pandemic norms, their concerns have been laid to rest. Amanda Bynes recently channeled her inner She’s the Man character and petitioned for full independence. Her parents are in full support.

Unlike Spears, Bynes hasn’t been bound to her parents as they use her for money & access. It actually seems like she’s been able to use her time as a dependent adult to actually get her life together. Her parents just wanted to help her get back on her feet, so it makes sense they’re actually supporting her freedom.

In a world where child stars are known to be troubled, Bynes has managed to flip the script in her own life. Part of this is because she had parents who wanted to support her when she was down rather than use it to get ahead. It turns out, the only score she had to settle was with herself.

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