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Why is Amanda Batula making her husband quit ‘Summer House’?

Amanda Batula has a lot to say regarding her husband’s status on Summer House. The couple rose to fame on the reality show, but as with all reality shows, drama and questionable events have taken place. 

Batula decided to weigh in on her feelings about the show during a sit-down interview with Andy Cohen, and she revealed how she feels about Kyle Cooke at the moment. The couple also addressed the rumors that Cooke had been unfaithful to Batula during their time on the show.

Here’s what you need to know about the couple and Cooke’s potentially precarious spot on Summer House.

Starting out

Batula and Cooke met during the summer of 2015, when they both signed on to appear in the first season of Summer House. They made their relationship official the following year, and by 2018, they were engaged. Drama surfaced shortly after, as we will discuss in the following section, but Batula remained unshaken in her desire to stay with Cooke.

“When you go through some of those massive hurdles and speed bumps and you keep it together as a couple, you’re like, ‘Holy crap, life is difficult and she’s the one I want to be with,” she told Andy Cohen in 2019. The couple eventually got married in October 2021.

“I was like a ball of nerves, but in that moment, everything was perfect. It’s exactly how you want it to feel,” Cooke admitted, when asked about the wedding. “And I was certainly teary-eyed, several times during the ceremony, but I managed to pull through.”

Controversy & questions

Rumors arose that Cooke had cheated on Batula with another Summer House cast member, and based on past history, there was plenty of reason to believe them. During the third season of Summer House, Cooke actually admitted to cheating on Batula during a weekend trip with his friends.

“A year ago, I was on a guys’ trip, I blacked out, and I woke up with a girl in my bed,” he said at the time. “I’ve never felt worse in my entire life.” Reflecting upon the cheating, Batula said that she was unsure if she and Cooke would be able to stay together.

“I was absolutely disgusted with him,” she admitted. “We were f–ked. Like, once someone loses my trust, it’s so hard for me to ever fully trust them again.” Despite the seemingly unforgivable mistake, Batula agreed to forgive Cooke and give him another chance. The latter promised to give a “110%” to their relationship moving forward.

When the rumors resurfaced, of course, everything got thrown into a tailspin.

New cheating allegations?

Batula now has to contend with rumors that Cooke cheated on her again last summer. The rumor was started by the news outlet DeuxMoi, and posits that Cooke slept with another woman, but both him and Batula have denied it.

“I laughed at it and I thought the timing was very convenient, like, came out given what was going on at the time of the show,” Batula said during her appearance on Watch What Happens with Andy Cohen. Cooke, who was in the audience, chimed in, saying that he did not make the same mistake twice. 

He asserted that he was “accounted for” during the period of time in which he was supposed to have cheated, and adds that the timing of the rumor (so much later after the alleged incident) is suspicious. It’s unclear whether Cooke will stay on the show, but as of right now, Batula is continuing to support him onscreen and off.

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