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What better way to welcome the alien takeover than with some top quality alien memes? Be prepared to laugh your way to space.

Alien memes: These jokes are so good they transcend outer space

Carl Sagan once said that he hoped aliens never come to Earth because we wouldn’t like what happens if they do. Naturally, we’re paraphrasing him right now, but we like to respectfully disagree with Mr. Sagan. In 2020, the year that will just not end, we’ll probably welcome our new alien overlords if they bring a way to eradicate the coronavirus with them. 

What better way to welcome the alien takeover than with some top quality alien memes? Some of these are a bit of a throwback, as they were made in 2019 when all we had to worry about was raiding Area 51 via the Naruto run, but all of them will leave you wishing you could phone E.T. to laugh over how hilarious they are.

1. We’re so fly. Alexa, play “Good as Hell”

Outta this world and down to Earth? It’s the whole package. Add in a super cool spaceship, and baby we’re going to go places.

2. Knock, knock naughty aliens, it’s time come with us 

The aliens we all imagined stealing from Area 51 in the middle of the night telling us that they did various things. Pooping in the sink, however, is the funniest because, in our heart of hearts, we’re all secretly five.

3. Aren’t we all aliens?

Sometimes, even if we aren’t aliens (or are we?), we have to interact with the normal people. Oh boy, that can get tricky fast.

4. He’s an alien, right?

Ancient Aliens guy, you look like your high af half of the time, but you are a true hero. The answer is always aliens to all of life’s questions, kids.

5. Ah yes, the “baby” we’re buying this seat for

Most aliens do seem to be on the short side, so an investment in a car seat actually seems like a sound one all things considered.

6. We’re onto them

“They’re onto us!” the NSA agent that watches you whispers to his supervisor. The alien in the corner starts sweating.

7. Alien tackles Karen to make her wear a face mask

Big 2020 mood, especially when you see Karen walking around with her freaking mask. Get with the program, Karen.

8. He’s an alien, right?!

This is the only valid conspiracy theory.

9. The aliens are done with us

The aliens who came to check out Earth in 2020, reporting back to their homeworld are just like “it keeps getting worse”.  

10. But are still taking over

I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords. Hail aliens! We bring you our memes! 

11. Just tell us already! We can take it!

Honestly, if the government does have proof about the aliens, then might as well drop it in 2020. People are just going to be like “yeah, sure, might as well happen now”. We’re all so done with this year, guys.

12. How dumb can you be, Signs aliens? 

Signs had the dumbest aliens in existence. And we’ve seen Battlefield Earth.

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