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Air Travel – Can You Fly Safe In 2021 & Beyond

With COVID-19 restrictions getting easier, air travel is picking up a good pace across the US. Staying at home for more than a year under the strict lockdown made people frustrated. Now, after a sudden downfall in the COVID cases, people are all set to fly again. But, taking care of the COVID protocols is still important in 2021. If you are all set to take a trip to your favorite destination, it is natural to feel apprehensive about safety. But you can fly safely even in the new normal, provided you follow some rules. Here are the ones you must take seriously.

Be prepared with the essentials

Flying with all the essentials is vital. During pandemic times, it is unsafe to share stuff with anyone, so be ready beforehand. Pack must-haves such as sanitizer, snacks, moisturizer, earplugs or headphones, face masks, and medications in your carry-on. A few airlines have even discontinued offering food and water, so make sure to carry yours for a comfortable flight.

Wash hands regularly

While on the flight, ensure to wash hands regularly. It is the safest and recommended way of keeping germs and viruses at bay. If you do not have a hand wash, use a sanitizer as it has 60% alcohol content. As per the experts, washing hands for 20 seconds is good. Use a moisturizer after washing your hands because the dry air in the aircraft can irritate your skin.

Airport parking

Going for a vacation after a long break sounds exciting. But you may be stressed about the safety of your vehicle.  Do not worry, as the safest parking facility at the airport can help you. You can easily book your parking online at a reasonable rate, even at the busiest airports. If you are flying out of Reno, check some Reno airport parking deals in advance. Commuting in your car is a great idea as it keeps you safe from infection in taxis or public transport.

Wear your sunscreen

If you travel often, do not forget to wear your sunscreen when you are on the plane. To your surprise, there is an increased risk of skin cancer for pilots. Likewise, there is also a risk of breast and skin cancer threat to the flight attendants. Even as more studies are pending, you should be ready with a sunscreen lotion in your bag. Remember that the virus is the biggest concern right now, but you have to cover other risks too. 

Have your vaccinations up-to-date

To travel safely, ensure to get a vaccine first. In this unpredictable time, getting a shot is essential. It can protect you from the deadly virus and prevent your immune system from getting compromised. Keep all the documents safe with you before landing at the airport. Moreover, showing the vaccination certificate is mandatory at a few places. So, do not wait and complete the vaccination process soon!

Who does not love to travel? Everyone does. Make sure to follow all the COVID protocols to remain safe and sound while you embark. Wear your mask and maintain a six feet distance from others at all times. For more information, discuss with the airline’s officials about any change in the regulation beforehand to avoid the last-minute rush. Have a safe journey!

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