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Are you wondering what the stars have in store for you? Find out what your air sign horoscope says for October 2020.

What does October 2020 hold for you? Read your air sign horoscope

Are you wondering what the stars have in store for you? With the help of AstroTwins Tali & Ophira Edut, we can help you prepare for October. 

The AstroTwins live in Detroit and publish their own magazine, HUES. They successfully provide horoscopes for multiple media outlets, including Elle, Refinery29, and MindBodyGreen. The Edut twins believe that learning astrology “can help people quickly distinguish their direction and path.” 

This month, a lot of bumpy planetary movements are going on. Along with a Martian retrograde for the entire month, we have two full moons in October, a tough new moon opposing Mars and squaring some badly-placed planets in Capricorn, and the infamous Mercury retrograde is back! 

What’s your Air sign? 

Also, one more note. AstroTwins’s horoscopes talk a lot about houses, which have nothing to do with your sun sign. Houses are determined by your rising sign which is determined by your time & place of birth as well as your birthday. If you know your time of birth, hop on to a birth chart calculator, enter your day, time and place, of birth, and find out! 

If you don’t know your birth time, we still have some treats & tidbits of wisdom for you based on your sun sign! These are the horoscopes for light-hearted, intellectual air signs. You are the rulers of communication and thought. Unfortunately for you, Mercury will be retrograde this month, muddying communication. 

Overall, most of you are in for a great start to the month with a full moon in Aries, creating harmony and opportunities in the form of massive stores of energy. The full moon isn’t affecting most of you, but it can present some challenges to Aquarians. 

Gemini ♊👫

Sun trine sun means the first two-thirds of October are great for you! For Gemini risings, “romance and self-expression” is the name of the game per AstroTwins. For Gemini suns, Libra season encourages some great brainstorming until October 22.

Opportunity knocks with this first full moon, pushing your group work from your creative mind into collective action! This energy will last until the 13th, when you’re ruling planet Mercury, goes into its pesky retrograde season. Gemini risings should watch for surprise endings, relationship issues, and those dreaded texts from your ex! 

AstroTwins says the second full moon will be a great time to heal for Gemini risings since the moon will be in their twelfth house of subconscious wounds. It could also shine a light on enemies, both known & unknown, as the sun and moon will be in the 6th & 12th house ruling public and secret enemies. 

Libra ♎⚖

Happy Birthday Month to you! For Libra suns, this is your time to shine. While this month (let alone this year) has been difficult for you, especially for those of you born in the middle of October, there are still some treats headed your way. 

Libras will get a bit of a reprieve at the beginning of the month (poor Libra has been bullied all year by the outer planets in Capricorn) with the full moon in Aries, but the new moon on the 16th can be a stinker, especially for those of you born at the end of the sign. 

AstroTwins reassures Libra risings that peace is coming back to your home life after a five-month Pluto retrograde in your home zone. Libra risings should also really watch their finances and financial records this month, as Mercury retrograde is wreaking havoc on their money zone this month. Wait to start new financial endeavors or make big purchases until November! 

That said, Libra risings may have an unexpected windfall thanks to the Halloween full moon conjunct Uranus, the planet of the unexpected. 

Aquarius ♒🥤

Mercury retrograde is playing tricks in your career zone, Aquarius risings. However, the Libra sun is shining a light on your travel and higher learning goals. The full moon at the beginning of the month is a great time to make plans to go back to school and draw up social plans before Mercury retrograde makes this tricky. 

Pluto direct also means it’s time to focus on your dreams and mental health again. Pluto retrograde for the last five months highlighted what bad thought habits you need to break, so it’s time to move forward with a game plan to fix it. 

Aqua risings also need to watch out for “mischief” at work per AstroTwins as the planet causes pesky delays and miscommunications at work. Halloween’s full moon means a “domestic peak” for Aqua risings, but for Aqua suns, it can mean unexpected challenges to your ego that you need to overcome, especially for those of you born around the beginning of February. 

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