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Aaron Rodgers just became NFL history by throwing over 50,000 yards! Here's how the legendary feat happened.

Here’s how Aaron Rodgers just made history in the NFL

California native Aaron Rodgers finally joined the ranks of famous NFL players. After a long, illustrious career, the star quarterback for the Green Bay Packers became the eleventh NFL player in history to complete 50,000 yards. 

Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers

On Sunday, November 29 Aaron Rodgers led the Packers to victory against the Chicago Bears. Rodgers started the game with a total of 49,835 passing yards and ended the game with over 50,000. Rodgers completed the game having reached this epic NFL milestone, just below NFL’s number ten John Elway with 51,475 yards. 

The Packers won 41 to 25 at the Lambeau Field stadium in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Aaron Rodgers had completed 21 of 29 passes in a total of 211 yards with four touchdowns during the game. Rodgers first pass went to Davante Adams and his second went straight to Marcedes Lewis. 

When announced that Aaron Rodgers had taken home a new title on the NFL board, Rodgers was blown away. FanNation reported that Rogers became NFL’s number eleven only with 6,436 career passing attempts. Rodgers has had an impressive performance so far with twenty-nine passing touchdowns and 2,889 yards so far this season. 

Aaron Rodgers’s teammates said they believe if Rodgers can continue The Packers’ winning streak, they’ll have a very good chance this season. The NFL reported the Green Bay Packers won because “their offense was basically unstoppable”. With the help of Aaron Rodgers, we can certainly believe that.  

NFL thoughts

According to Sportsnet, Rodgers expressed his incredulity at the amount of time that’s gone by and is proud of his dedication to the game. “There’s a lot that goes into 50,000 yards. I’m proud of it. It’s more of a longevity record.” 

Green Bay Packers coach Matt LaFleur told reporters: “With Aaron (Rodgers), you just feel you’re capable of anything. He’s just got such a unique ability. You’re talking about a Hall of Famer. There’s not many ever like him. I always joke with our guys (Green Bay Packers) that the only thing that limits us is our imagination.” 

According to Sports Illustrated, Matt LaFleur further sang Rodgers’s praises: “It’s a credit to his (Aaron Rodgers) ability to go out there and make all the throws, make all the great decisions. Certainly, when you don’t have a guy in that chair or the trigger man, it definitely makes life more difficult.”

Aaron Rodgers’s achievements

Aaron Rodgers won the Super Bowl XLV MVP and claimed his MVP award at the end of the Super Bowl back in 2011. According to Essentially Sports, Rodgers made eight Pro Bowls and was a two-time First-team All Pro between 2011 and 2014. 

Aaron Rodgers won the Associated Press Athlete of the Year award in 2011. Rodgers also took home the Bert Bell Award the same year. Rodgers is also part of the NFL’s 2010’s All-Decade Team.

Aaron Rodgers net worth

Aaron Rodgers might be number twelve for the Green Bay Packers, but according to Forbes, Rodgers is one of the richest quarterbacks in the U.S. Rodgers is currently the forty-fifth highest paid athlete in the world and earns approximately $30.1 million. 

Essentially Sports claimed Aaron Rodgers’s earnings include a whopping $9 million from endorsements. Rodgers endorses brands like Adidas, Panini, Bose, Prevea Healthcare and State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance. 

Aaron Rodgers still has the rest of the NFL season ahead of him, but with his new achievement, anything is possible. Currently the Green Bay Packers are on the top of the NFC North board with eight wins. The Packers still have a chance at victory and believe all it will take is the right kind of imagination to get to the Super Bowl.

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