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Aamir Khan’s known as a perfectionist in Bollywood. If you loved 'Dangal', here are other movies Aamir Khan has starred in.

Loved ‘Dangal’? Watch Aamir Khan in these other movies

Aamir Khan’s known as a perfectionist in Bollywood. He’s earned this title because he’s extremely choosy with the movies he picks. He’s focussed on the craft of acting more than the superstardom & he abandons his stardom in favor of the authenticity of his characters. No wonder, then, that he won our hearts as Mahavir Singh Phogat in Dangal.

If you’re exploring more of his acting prowess, here’s a little warning. His perfectionism has started to fade away lately, so we suggest you steer away from his latest flicks Dhoom 3 & Thugs of Hindostan. Instead, add the following stellar performances by him to your to-watch list.

3 Idiots

Based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel Five Point Someone, 3 Idiots sent shockwaves through the movie halls when it released in 2009. Directed by Rajkumar Hirani, 3 Idiots chronicles the journey of 3 miserable engineering students as they graduate & then reunite a decade later. The solid commentary on the ruthlessness & unfairness of the education system set this movie apart.

Taare Zameen Par

At a time when ableism was too embedded in the world, Taare Zameen Par presented the story of a dyslexic child in an empathetic manner. Ishaan was struggling with everything at school, from studies to sports, except art & doodling. Aamir plays the unconventional teacher Ram Shankar Nikumbh who goes above & beyond the call of duty to cater to Ishaan’s needs.

Taare Zameen Par’s an evocative story of a struggling child, his relationship with his parents, and the difference that one kind teacher can make in our lives. 


Unlike any of his earlier films, Ghajini presents Aamir Khan in an uncomfortably violent plot. He plays Sanjay Singhania, a business tycoon whose girlfriend Kalpana Shetty is murdered by some goons because she dares speak against the wrongs.

In the second half, Khan’s character suffers from retrograde amnesia. That makes it hard for him to figure out who killed Kaplana. Khan does an impeccable job of portraying the wrath of a forlorn lover.


Directed by Ashutosh Gowariker, Lagaan shows an uncanny war that was fought during colonial rule in India. Lagaan literally translates to agricultural tax, and refers to the harsh taxes that the residents of Champaner were subject to. At almost four hours, Lagaan’s a long movie, but its classic status justifies the length. 

The decision about the abolition of taxes boils down to a cricket tournament. Lagaan’s equal parts drama & comedy, under the umbrella of a musical – it’s a complete package. 


When it released in 2006, Fanaa was perhaps the best romantic thriller we’d seen. It’s a beautiful romance for the most part. Rehan & Zooni fall in love against all odds – Zooni is visually impaired, Rehan is a tourist guide she just met, and her friends have been asking her to beware. Rehan even ensures Zooni gets her eyesight back.

Soon enough, however, the movie takes a surprising turn into Kashmiri radicalism & it’s revealed that Rehan was worthy of suspicion after all. Fanaa also boasts of an amazing cast – apart from Aamir Khan, there’s Kajol, Rishi Kapoor, Tabu, Kirron Kher, and Sharat Saxena.

Rang De Basanti

Rang De Basanti chronicles the evolution of patriotism in six students who’ve been asked to play the role of Indian freedom fighters in a docudrama. Rang De Basanti made the idea of patriotism palatable again, by bridging the historical importance of the feeling to the present-day milieu riddled with corruption, red-tape, and the like.

Dil Chahta Hai

This movie might not have aged well, but its soundtrack & its locales acquired a cult status that still refuses to fade away. The story of three friends navigating their confusing romantic encounters swiftly becomes the story of their growing up & growing apart.  

Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar

The movie is worth watching for the climax alone – Aamir wins the inter-college cycling championship, but not without confronting dramatic highs & lows.

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