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Each of these Bollywood movies will be incredibly interesting to fans of sports betting in India. Let's find out why.

The influence of Bollywood on sports betting in India

Bollywood has long been the most authoritative source of opinion for people from India. Its films set rules and trends. 

Why is Bollywood so loved?

The variety of genres of Bollywood films allows viewers to find a movie for any situation and mood. With Bollywood films, you can laugh and cry, dance and sing, relax and develop, learn something new, or just have a good time.

Of course, many films are dedicated to betting because betting is one of the favorite pastimes of Indian people.

It is worth nothing that 24 betting app users consider the best Indian films about betting to be the following:

  •     Teen Patti (2010)
  •     Mankatha (2011)
  •     Aadama Jaichomada (2014)
  •     Saagasam (2016)
  •     Simran (2017)

Each of these movies will be incredibly interesting to fans of sports betting. Let’s find out some interesting details about them. 

Teen Patty

This film is named after the legendary card game that millions of people worldwide are addicted to. Its director is Leena Yadav. Amitabh Bachchan, Ben Kingsley, R. Madhavan, Raima Sen, and Shraddha Kapoor starred there. By the way, this film was an acting debut for the last-mentioned actor.

An Indian mathematics professor lives in a village where he teaches his subject to children. He is a real math expert! His whole life is turned upside down when he receives a letter from his British colleague who invites him to a casino in London. 


Mankatha crime thriller from a famous director Venkat Prabhu tells the story of a police officer suspended for saving a smuggler. His colleague commits suicide due to a leak of information fatal to him, which later turns out to be a staging.

The plot is full of unexpected twists and turns that await us around every corner! And all the roles are played by leading Indian actors. Filming lasted over eight months, mainly in Chennai, the Dharavi slum in Mumbai, and Bangkok, Thailand. 

Aadama Jaichomada

It’s a fantastic comedy that managed to be both romantic and black simultaneously. The film deals with the corruption associated with cricket, namely the mysterious and powerful “Alberta”, who leads the operation to fix places at IPL matches. The police start the investigation. A whole department is trying to discover who Albert is and how he manages to lead everyone by the nose. 


It’s an Indian action comedy starred by famous Indian actors Prashanth and Amanda Rosario. By the way, it is a remake of the movie Julayi. A recidivist robber with vast experience, Bittu, paired with a local MLA named Varatharajan, team up in a criminal conspiracy.

These gentlemen have really Napoleonic plans to steal $190 million from a bank. On their way, they meet Ravi Narayan. This man always wanted easy money, not to work for a penny, like his father. He bets on IPL matches. Where does this meeting lead, and how does it end? The plot is just getting started. 


This movie is also about a robbery. But this time it won’t be funny because it’s a drama… Hansal Mehta directs it. The film is based on a true story of real people. The main character, played by the beautiful Kangana Ranaut, divorced her husband and lost her savings in gambling.

The girl takes out a loan to pay for the damage. But she has nothing to pay off the debt. Interest rates grow higher and higher. And the character takes the path of crime to solve her problems. 

And that is not all

Not only above mentioned films are dedicated to betting, but millions of players worldwide are also fond of it. You may have your favorite films. But these are considered the most popular and the best!

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