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Best Bollywood Films with a Casino Theme

Bollywood is no doubt one of the leading film industries, bringing about some of the coolest movie characters of all time. Today, many of these cool characters can be found in casino-themed shows. 

Movies with major themes around gambling and betting have proven to be the perfect audience grabber. The truth is, Bollywood is not sleeping on this fact; they are, indeed, releasing some very cool casino films. Read on to explore the best Bollywood films with a casino theme:

The Best Bollywood Films with a Casino Theme

Here are some of the best casino-themed Bollywood releases:

The Great Gambler (1971)

Author Shakti Samanta’s 1971 novel The Great Gambler was an immediate hit upon its release. Bollywood loves a good scandal, and in the 1970s, gaming in India was a big deal. 

The protagonist in The Great Gambler is a gaming guru who also happens to be quite the trickster. The proprietor of the gambling den where Jai performed his pranks serves as the film’s antagonist. 

Soon enough, Jai is put in a position where he must compete against high-stakes players and triumph. As the movie goes on, he gets into more and more dangerous situations, which adds to the movie’s suspense. 

It’s guaranteed that you’ll be on the edge of your seat as you witness Jai crush it in the casinos. If you’re looking for a similar experience that you too can participate in, check out the best online casinos in India at, where you can sign up and begin playing some of the top selections of games available.

Gambler (1971)

The protagonist of the 1971 Bollywood drama “Gambler,” Inspector Daya Shankar Pandey, is a slacker police officer. Suddenly, he’s given an assignment that will fundamentally alter his existence. 

He exposes a complex drug, medicine, and gambling smuggling operation. The traffickers are determined to make his life a living misery as a form of revenge for destroying their company. 

Eventually, Inspector Pandey gives up his work and starts making a living as a gambler. He finally becomes a famous speculator after winning a large sum of money, but this success comes at an enormous cost.

Jannat (2008)

Though Jannat features gambling and casinos, it has many of the hallmarks of a traditional love story. The movie, which debuted in 2008 and starred Emraan Hashmi, follows the life of Arjun Dixit, a youthful and famous gambler. 

By staking nonstop, he has amassed wealth through the justice betting industry. The steadfastness with which Arjun pursues staking means that he has little time for his partner, Zoya. Arjun had only hoped to make her wealthy. 

The man’s life and relationships suffer as he becomes more immersed in the company. Arjun’s eventual involvement with the wagering gang is the point at which things become particularly difficult for him.

Teen Patti (2010)

In this film, math professor Venkat plays Teen Patti to prove his outlandish hypothesis. His mathematical chance theory quickly becomes a huge hit, proving his brilliance. He soon finds himself with a surplus of wealth, and turmoil soon follows. 

Teen Patti is a modern thriller from 2010 with an all-star ensemble, directed by Leena Yadav. Adolescent Patti is a must-see for any fan of the Kevin Spacey movie.

Striker (2010)

This final movie is a phenomenal 2010 smash success that’s based on a true tale. In Striker, you’ll get a taste of the dangerous underbelly of India’s underground gaming scene. 

The protagonist, Surya, is a low-income young man with a remarkable gift for the card game Carrom. Surya goes on an incredible run thanks to his talent and good fortune in a game of chance. He ends up a winner at the tender age of 12. 

Now, what will happen if Surya’s success begins taking him to seedier, higher-stakes locales? Don’t skip Striker if you’re a fan of melodrama, epic action, or pictures that pose intriguing philosophical issues.


Casino-themed movies from India are a completely enjoyable bunch. One thing is for sure: fans can’t wait to see what the newest releases have to offer.

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