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the 2021 NFL Draft has come and gone, with many teams earning strong players that'll surely set them up for wins. Care to see our favorite picks?

2021 NFL Draft: Take a look at the most promising picks from the weekend

The 2021 NFL Draft, which took place this past weekend in the span of multiple days was a smash success for both the NFL and fans alike, as the draft not only saw the return of live and vaccinated fans to its Cleveland setting, but was also deeply layered with top collegiate talent, especially at the quarterback position.  

The 2021 NFL Draft proved to be an amazing start for the upcoming season, as a wide range of top-tier talent managed to not only find their way onto struggling yet historic franchises, but some draft picks found a way to join some of the NFL’s already elite powerhouses, giving plenty of fresh blood and young talent for all thirty-two NFL teams. Care to see who we think were some of the best picks in the 2021 NFL Draft?


Trevor Lawrence to the Jacksonville Jaguars 

To nobody’s surprise, the number one pick of the 2021 NFL Draft was Trevor Lawrence, the third-year quarterback out of Clemson who took his team to an NCAA title win in his first season. The orange-haired Fabio, who’s well over six-feet tall, will hopefully prove to be the savior the Jacksonville Jaguars desperately need, a franchise who hasn’t had a star quarterback since, well, ever.

While there is no such thing as a sure thing in the NFL Draft, we are almost certain that Lawrence will prove to be an immediate shot in the arm to the Jacksonville franchise, as his poise in the pocket and his speed on the outside should be just enough to increase their overall wins this upcoming season.

Kyle Pitts to the Atlanta Falcons

While Kyle Pitts was drafted number four to the Atlanta Falcons in the 2021 NFL draft, he’s the number two best player on our list, as his size at the tight end position is unlike anything we have seen since Rob Gronkowski in his prime. His size will be just the right amount of firepower that Matt Ryan needs to possibly get his team back into Super Bowl contention, a position they haven’t been in since the 2017 Super Bowl.

As Travis Kelce and George Kittle have proven, an elite tight end can make all the difference when trying to earn those close yards as well as make red zone plays, and we have faith that Florida’s Kyle Pitts will make all the difference when it comes to jump balls and one-on-one possessions in the crunch. Falcons got a real one here. 

Trey Lance to the San Francisco 49ers

Even at the number three spot, we believe that the San Francisco 49ers got a steal with drafting Trey Lance out of North Dakota State University as the Jets opted to go with Zach Wilson from BYU at the number two spot. While this draft was certainly littered with talented quarterbacks, it is apparent that Trey Lance might be the best quarterback overall just behind Trevor Lawrence, specifically for his talents involving his feet and speed. 

While we’re still not sure what the 49ers future plans are at the quarterback position, seeing as they drafted a quarterback with a high draft slot as well as the rumors surrounding current quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, it’s clear they are set for the future, even if their present is anything but transparent.

Justin Fields to the Chicago Bears

Justin Fields was the fourth quarterback taken in the 2021 NFL Draft, surprisingly falling to the 11th pick by the Chicago Bears, who actually traded up several spots to land the quarterback out of Ohio State University. The Bears are looking for the heir apparent to Mitch Trubisky, who struggled to find his footing in Chicago having been drafted ahead of elite quarterbacks such as Patrick Mahomes. 

While it’s unclear if Fields will meet Chicago’s expectations given the franchise’s rich history, his talents do fit well with Matt Nagy’s offense, and we think that Justin Fields can make an immediate impact if the right team is assembled around him. 

Patrick Surtain II to the Denver Broncos

The number nine pick of the 2021 NFL Draft, which belonged to the Denver Broncos, went to Alabama corner Patrick Surtain II, who will provide immediate relief to Denver’s weak defense, playing in what many consider to be the most difficult position in all of football outside of quarterback. This is an example of Denver realizing to draft for need over talent, avoiding a backlog of bench players while winning games.

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