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Let's look back at some of the most interesting and wild trends from TikTok in the crazy year that is 2020.

2020 was a dumpster fire: Relive the worst with the best TikTok trends

TikTok has been the best & worst form of therapy during the pandemic. TikTok brought us amazing dance videos, cool challenges and family fun, but most of us downloaded the app after we were stuck inside thanks to COVID-19. 

Per the New York Post, TikTok is a “social network” that streams fifteen second videos that are full of jokes & dance routines. TikTok videos go viral for simple reasons like lip-syncing to our childhood favorite films or dancing to a song on Billboard’s top 100. 

It’s time to relive the top moments TikTok has brought us in 2020! 

Dance challenges 

Blinding Lights – The Weeknd

Despite the singer not winning a Grammy this year, The Weeknd was featured all over our social media screens this year. The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” TikTok challenge was the best family quarantine event ever! According to Insider, the hashtag #blindinglights hit over 3.5 billion views. 


@sherinicolee OK MAMA

♬ Savage – Megan Thee Stallion

“Savage” – Megan Thee Stallion 

Megan Thee Stallion and her choreographer Keara Wilson tried to master the TikTok dance using her 2020 single, “Savage”. Megan told People: “We literally sat in the kitchen for like 20 minutes trying to get this dance down pat.” The “Savage” challenge was and is still a huge hit!


That yummy yum 😛

♬ Yummy – Justin Bieber

“Yummy” – Justin Bieber 

Justin Bieber is no stranger to viral videos, but this time his song “Yummy” became a viral TikTok sensation in early January 2020. The #YummyDanceChallenge was featured with Bieber’s dance moves on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. 

Home videos

Nostalgia Series Until 2020: Part 1 #childhood #foryou #fyp

♬ Celebrate the Good Times – Mason


This selection of TikTok videos takes reminiscing to a whole new level. These childhood videos include bringing back old TV shows, songs and situations that happened in our childhood home. 


They’re finally stepping it up #NYU #quarantine #fyp

♬ Agua de Beber – Effetto Musica Ensemble

Quarantine food

These food TikTok videos started with NYU students who moved back into their dorm rooms. The students promoted a variety of food that only university students would truly understand. According to Buzzfeed, some of these videos have been “scrutinized” triggering those who suffer from eating disorders, it also became a popular way for foodies to share their love for food. 


just our typical day (: @itsjonathanle

♬ Rating – astuanta


Review TikTok videos include Hannah Montana theme songs while TikTokers critique ordinary things and make them extraordinary. They review things like dogs trying to drink water, crazy siblings, text messages and wild animals in strange places. 

Dangerous challenges

Bowl challenge

According to the New York Post, the bowl challenge or the “cereal challenge” was created by a group of friends who wanted to see if their friend could use their mouth as a cereal bowl. The original video featured the messy challenge that could cause stickiness & possible choking. 

Fire challenge 

The fire challenge or “outlet” challenge sparked energy into the TikTok world as followers decided to try this dangerous game. The New York Post reported challengers sliding a coin “between a partly-dislodged phone charger and the wall outlet”. 

The “outlet challenge” wasn’t a good idea and a group at the Massachusetts school were faced with charges for damaging their school’s premises and endangering those around them. The challenge has been taken off TikTok due to their strict safety guidelines.

Skull breaker challenge

The most dangerous challenge started in Venezuela with three friends acting like flying karate kids. The middle man has to jump while their friends have to try to kick their legs. For the challenge to be successful the middle man has to jump without the two jumpers kicking him. NBC reported that the “skull breaker challenge” caused students in Miami, Florida to have serious injuries. 

These TikTok challenges and quick videos have brightened our 2020, apart from people getting hurt. Let us know what your favorite 2020 TikTok clip is in the comments below.

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