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Let’s be honest, 2020 hasn’t been the best year for everyone. These dark humor memes sum up exactly what makes 2020 so unlikeable.

2020, the year nobody likes: These dark humor memes sum it up

Let’s be honest, 2020 hasn’t been the best year for everyone. From global pandemic to economic crises all piled atop the usual things that make life just plain difficult, this year was one for the history books – and we still have so much to go.

Whether you found yourself in a panic or not, sometimes the most tragic, upsetting, or bizarre circumstances can be best explained by making light of the situation at hand. These dark humor memes sum up exactly what makes 2020 so unlikeable.

2020: Damage report 

Captain Picard is more than familiar with turmoil, and every time we check the news there’s something new, and incomprehensibly worse than the day before. We find ourselves stoic victims of a year bent on destroying every sanctuary we have – so grab some duct tape, we’ve still got a long way to the end. 

Isolating with your family in 2020

Forget about how many arguments have been started over Thanksgiving dinner. If you’ve been sticking out this quarantine with your family, there’s a good chance cabin fever set in a while ago. Yet no matter how large the house, sometimes it feels like there’s nowhere to hide – just ask little Danny Torrance. 

Trapped with the little ones 

Speaking of quality family time – what parent wouldn’t want all school, athletics, and every recreational activity cancelled, all while ensuring their kids stay inside and away from any and all friends? 2020 is the perfect year to start making up for all those lost quality hours. It’s also the perfect year to buy a wig after you pull all your hair out. 

2020: Each month is a milestone 

Remember how wonderful the new year looked in the mirror? It’s hard to believe seven months have gone by, especially since we all seem to be trapped in an eternal loop of not knowing what day it is. By the end of July, things looked bleak and ugly, and even the best of us aren’t immune. Get the cover-up and put on a brave face for August. 

We built 2020 out of toilet paper

Remember that time not so long ago when the world was hit by a crippling global pandemic and suddenly toilet paper became a rare element and worth its weight in gold? Never mind drugs Tony, secure the toilet paper – it’s the currency of the future. 

A guilty conscious: Coughing edition

Before you step into the close confinements of public transportation, make sure to get all the coughing out beforehand. The moment they announced coughing as a symptom of COVID-19, the paranoia set in. We get it person standing next to us, it’s only allergies – now excuse us as we cover our face and run the other way. 

Money puts out fires

2020 has proved that no one really knows how to act in a pandemic. With a million arguments on what to prioritize, some people feel when all seems lost, the best thing to do is turn our nose up to all our problems and start shopping. Hey, whatever makes you feel like it’s all going to be okay, right? 

Dealing with this 2020 feeling

Nobody likes staying positive all the time, but you do what you have to in order to get through the day – or the year. So even if you feel reduced to all stress, skin, and bones, just throw on your favorite song and put on your funkiest outfit – it’ll all go away eventually. 

2020: Staying protected

Who was it that said the best way to practice safe sex during a pandemic was keeping it to yourself? Good luck with that advice. But if you’re craving intimate attention, just make sure to keep each other safe – this is one pandemic trend we’re hoping really doesn’t have to become another “new norm.” 

2020: Nobody likes doing as they’re told 

Tempers boiled through the roof in 2020 when people were either told or mandated to stay isolated and stay inside. As the weather got warmer, the only thing that mattered was getting the heck out of our houses and finding some sun. Who are these people telling us to stay inside anyways – besides all the doctors and medical experts, of course. 

2020: One for the books

In a few decades when 2020 finally appears in the history books we’re terrified of what it’ll say, especially as new, horrifying history seems to be made every passing day. Even if there ends up being some amazing surprise at the end of this chapter, there will be a long way to read before we ever get there. Sorry students of the future; yay stress. 

2020: A year in need of humor

If 2020 calls out, for one thing, its humor. As all of our fears, worries, and everything nobody – least of all us – likes about this year hangs suspended over our heads, we turn to memes to get us through the day. 

So pull up a chair, invite your best friend to sit six feet away, and share some laughs – it’s way better than crying under the covers.

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