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At the end of the day, the verdict on The Weeknd's acting debut is still out. Let's see how that lack of experience plays into his net worth!

The height of fame: Here’s why The Weeknd wants to use his real name

Is The Weeknd out for the count? It seems that Abel Tesfaye, popularly known by his stage name, The Weeknd, is hinting at a rebrand that involves retiring his musical alter ego. At the age of 33, the Canadian-born artist has signaled a desire for change, and his fans are eager to see what his next steps might be. Is he at the height of his fame?

Let’s take a look at what we know so far off of social media and little hints at podcasts on Youtube.

The changes

Tesfaye has been vocal about his desire to “kill off” The Weeknd persona. He’s ready to close this chapter of his life, but that doesn’t mean he’s stepping away from music. Whether as Abel or as The Weeknd, he’s committed to his craft and ready to navigate this transitional period in his career.

Tesfaye, who shot to fame with his 2016 album Starboy, has expressed a desire to shed his old skin and be reborn. He’s currently working on what he calls his “last hurrah” as The Weeknd, indicating that a significant evolution is on the horizon.

Tesfaye has noted that maintaining both his personal identity as Abel and his professional identity as The Weeknd has taken a toll on his health. He’s had to juggle these two personas while simultaneously pursuing acting roles, a challenging endeavor that he believes resulted in him temporarily losing his singing voice.

Despite this setback, Tesfaye is dedicated to his work. Known for his commitment to his performances, he’s previously stated he’d perform “with the flu” and “die on that stage.” It’s this determination that has seen him through the complicated times and will continue to drive him as he navigates this new era.

Acting out

Tesfaye’s acting journey hasn’t been without its challenges. He’s invested a lot into The Idol, even sacrificing his health and home for the series. Despite the potential risks, he’s confident in the show and his performance, viewing his utmost efforts as a form of “happy ending.”

The Pop Issue of W Magazine features Tesfaye alongside Lily-Rose Depp, his co-star in the highly anticipated series, The Idol. The issue, which will hit stands on May 23, offers readers an insight into Tesfaye’s transition into acting and his upcoming plans.

Lily-Rose Depp, the daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, also shares her journey with The Idol in the magazine. She discusses her surprise at landing the part, her decision to channel an “L.A. girl” vibe, and her inspiration from French actress Brigitte Bardot.

The series director, Sam Levinson, recalls how the show came to be, revealing that Tesfaye’s pitch centered around the devotion of his fans and the idea of what could happen if a pop star fell for the wrong guy.

New chapters

Tesfaye’s journey as The Weeknd has been an adventure filled with incredible highs and challenging lows. Known for his unique blend of R&B and alternative music, his work has captivated audiences worldwide. Now, as he prepares to turn the page and embark on a new chapter, fans and critics alike wait with bated breath to see what he will do next.

With all eyes on him, Tesfaye is set to navigate this transitional period in his career. Whether it’s music, acting, or something completely new, one thing’s for sure: Tesfaye isn’t afraid to take risks and reinvent himself. As he moves forward, the question remains: what can we expect from Abel Tesfaye, the artist formerly known as The Weeknd?


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