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"WAP" is all that Twitter can talk about right now, and when Twitter gets obsessed with something, the memes are aflying. Here's the best funny "WAP" edits.

Does Annalise Keating have a WAP? The best WAP edits on Twitter

Let’s be honest: The only thing Twitter can talk about right now is Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” video. Whether they’re feeling it or hating it, that’s the only thing on everyone’s mind right now. 

Of course, Twitter’s also being funny with it and making their own versions of the “WAP” video, and even remixing the song. But we’re not here to focus on the actually good remixes or additions. We’re here to focus on the top notch meme edits of “WAP”.

Annalise got that WAP 

We always knew Annalise was definitely rocking that WAP, otherwise Eve and Nate wouldn’t have stuck around as long as she did. Also, WAP is Viola Davis approved. Now when are we getting How to Get Away with a WAP?

Obama fancam

If you’ve been on Twitter, you know about that fancam life. It’s mostly K-pop stans, but every once in awhile you’ll see someone else pop up with one. No surprise Obama has one, but it’s a little surprising to see a WAP edit for him.

Kidz Bop-ify it

We all know Kidz Bop definitely tries to clean up songs they should just let be. And let’s be real: when we hear the Kidz Bop edits of “WAP”, it’s going to be waffles and pancakes.

“This is epic.”

Ben Shapiro is no stranger to taking on controversial topics, but he probably wasn’t expecting his reading of “WAP” on The Ben Shapiro Show to get turned into various edits.

Obligatory K-pop fancam

It wouldn’t be a new song if K-pop stans on Twitter didn’t immediately bombard everyone with edits of their favorite idol. 

If you’re not totally quenched, you can check out the best “WAP” memes here.

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