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Spotify Wrapped 2020 is here to call every single one of us with a Spotify account out. Here are the best reaction memes.

Spotify Wrapped 2020 is out: Check out Twitter’s best memes

It’s December, which means several things. The Christmas season is officially in full swing despite it has been for months. 2020, mercifully, is limping toward the finish line after being the year for a hundred years. We can only hope 2021 can clear the low bar that 2020 has set before us. On top of all of that, Spotify Wrapped 2020 is here to call every single one of us with a Spotify account out.

For those of you who don’t have Spotify, Spotify Wrapped is when the music streamer shows you your favorite songs and podcasts. It tells you what percentile you were in listening to your favorite artists, how many times you listened to your Number One song, and how many minutes of podcasts did you listen to over the course of the year. Needless to say, Twitter has some memes on it.

Spotify Wrapped 2020 is here to shame you before God and the Internet. Here are some of the best reactions. 

1. A lot of people aren’t sharing their Spotify Wrapped 2020 for this reason

Spotify is here to call out some of your more embarrassing song choices. Or, well, so you believe that they’re embarrassing. Either way, not everyone wants to share their Spotify Wrapped for, well, this exact reason. No need to be too embarrassed. 

2. James Gunn is feeling called out

Don’t worry, James Gunn. Spotify thinks that we’re all maniacs, you know? It’s honestly the least of the issues that the world is facing in 2020. When Spotify Wrapped comes around, then we all feel their cold hard judgement.

3. It’s different with Spotify Wrapped

Sure, you’ve been listening to these songs on repeat for the whole year. But it’s different when Spotify composes a list of your most listened to songs for the year. It’s different. So, naturally, you have to listen to them again. It’s how this works! Respect the system here! 

4. Glee fans take to the shadows

Can we get an F for the chat for the Gleeks out there? No judgement though. 2020 has been a hellscape for everyone. No one will judge you for how much Glee you listened to in an attempt to get some source of joy.

5. The general feeling for Spotify Wrapped 2020

Quarantine, to be fair, has left all of our Spotify Wrapped 2020 looking a little busted. Let’s be real here. We all went to desperate measures during quarantine. We all went to interesting places. We all have s h a m e in our souls. 

6. Spotify Wrapped back make it fanfiction

A fanfiction version of Spotify Wrapped? Fandoms would be in flames. People would be crying on Twitter. They would hide their AO3 accounts in horror. Chaos, madness in the streets, let’s give it a go and see what happens.

7. Accept that Spotify knows

This was true for many people’s Spotify Wrapped. It’s not that surprising at this point in time. Spotify knows all and is here to remind you in case you forgot with Spotify Wrapped.

8. The dumpster is on fire 

The concern was very real across the internet about the state of various people’s Spotify Wrapped. We all know what we did in the endless decades of 2020. No one really wants to see that, do they? 

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