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Want your most recent Spotify stats? Here’s how to use the #OnlyYou feature

Spotify Wrapped is a yearly tradition where you, yes you, feel personally called out by your Spotify account. Now, however, Spotify has released a new featured called #OnlyYou which will tell you some of your stats and, again, make you feel called out. It’s Spotify Wrapped, but, instead, make it the whole year long. Because Spotify can’t call you out just around Christmastime, we guess.

With #OnlyYou, people are feeling judged all over again. So, naturally, this means that they are taking to Twitter to share their first experiences with Spotify sharing these stats with them. Of course, the results are, as usual, absolutely hilarious. Find out how to buy Spotify plays and check out some of the best tweets about people using the Spotify #OnlyYou feature. 


Right for the jugular

Spotify always goes for the most embarrassing part, huh?


Called out by an app

We know who we are, Spotify. Why are you doing this to us?!


Is the experience different for everyone? 

We think we got both? Of course, we tried it. But we had the birth chart and the dinner party thing.


The NSA Agent who monitors you: Too far, Spotify. 

Government surveillance, apparently, has nothing on Spotify.



. . . Not wrong there.


Stretch it out

It’s practically a tradition to make jokes about your mental health during Spotify Wrapped. With #OnlyYou, we just do it all year long.


Read the stats! 

Seriously though, can’t you look up our stats and do something we haven’t listened to once

So. Many. Callouts.

Spotify is just a call out machine, tbh.


#OnlyYou is here to ask the deep questions

Makes you wonder just what you’re putting in your earholes, huh?


Chaos of life

All of us, looking at the new feature, wondering how we are all, indeed, this chaotic.

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