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TuneFab is the perfect tool for any Spotify user: Here’s why you need it

The days of downloading music seem to be behind us. With the rise of Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and other music streaming sites, it feels like the only way you can listen to music is by paying $10 a month. Even then, you have to stream your music because downloading on these apps only takes you so far. 

What if there was a way you could still download your music from Spotify, and even share these songs across different devices? Enter: TuneFab. If you want to keep your jams going whether you’re logged on to Spotify or not, you need to have this software on your computer ASAP.  

Transfer your library to any device

No playlist is too big or too small to download to your iPod. Using TuneFab Spotify Downloader, you can nab any song you want that’s streaming on Spotify, and download it to your personal library. From there, you can sync the song to your Android or Apple device, your PC, or even your old iPod. 

Heck, you can even bring back the CD mixtape and make a collection from your Spotify playlists. All this can be done with just a few clicks in TuneFab. Here are some quick and easy tips to follow when it comes time to use TuneFab: 

Step 1: Choose the right version of your computer and hit the download button to install Spotify to CD converter. Once the download is complete, you can hit the icon to properly launch it. Your Spotify app will open automatically.

Step 2: You can then add the songs from your Spotify to your converter. You can do this one of two ways. Firstly, you can drag and drop each song individually, which is easiest if you’re dealing with a small playlist. If you prefer a more convenient method, however, you can right click on the songs and then paste the URL into the converter window.

Step 3: Once the songs appear in the converter window, click “options” to choose your output format. You can choose from MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC depending on which you prefer.

Step 4: When all the settings are ready, simply click “convert”. The conversion process will vary depending on how many songs you are converting, but it should normally take a few minutes for the converted songs to appear in your folder of choice.

HQ music all around

With Spotify adding Lossless audio options, it may seem scary to move off the platform. But the good news is TuneFab preserves all HQ audio as you download it to your computer. No more LQ libraries for you, TuneFab has your back. 

Truly made for everyone

Spotify is international, so it’s only right TuneFab is designed for more than just American audiences. With language support in English, French, Chinese, Japanese, and German, as well as support on both MacOS and Windows, millions of people can take advantage of TuneFab’s brilliant software. 

Plus, it’s UI is designed to make things plain and simple. No more useless buttons or 27 features you won’t use. Just a few simple clicks, and you can download all the songs you want off of Spotify. It’s never been easier to grow your offline library. 

Options for audio files

TuneFab isn’t just made for all types of people, but all types of devices as well. Supporting most major audio file types, TuneFab lets you convert audio as well as download it. Have some MP3 files that need to be AAC? TuneFab can do it. Trying to make your WAV fives M4A? TuneFab is on the job. 

The reason TuneFab is compatible with nearly every device you own is because of its wide array of audio file options. No matter what file type your audio device takes, whether it be your phone, iPod, or generic MP3 player, you can convert your Spotify files into the right type with TuneFab. 

Free updates for life

Lastly, you never have to worry about rebuying or losing access to your TuneFab software. No matter what purchasing plan you choose, TuneFab offers lifetime support and updates, so you can always have the latest and greatest version at your fingertips. 

If you’re not convinced by our review, try TuneFab out for yourself. The software offers a free trial for both PC and Mac, so you can fall in love for yourself. Even if you’re not sold, you have five days after buying the software to see the software at its full power and still get your money back, no questions asked.

But we know you’ll fall in love with TuneFab from your first click. So stop waiting around, and nab this Spotify downloader today to make your music experience 20x better. 

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