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Spotify is one of the biggest music platforms in the world. Here are some tricks on how to make the best use of Spotify.

7 Spotify tricks to make you master at streaming music

Music is the language of love and every other emotion out there! So it is essential that all singers, musicians and artists have an account on Spotify to rake in more listeners and gain fanbase on Spotify.

You need to put in some efforts to get organic growth instead of finding ways to buy Spotify Streams as we all want people to actually enjoy our songs. So here’s a list that will make your work to guide you on how to become a master streamer the right way!

Put your music on Spotify

The very first step is to make sure your song is available on Spotify. While this isn’t something singers who have signed up with labels need to worry about, independent artists need to arrange for distribution themselves or hire services of a music distribution company like TuneCore to do the deed.

These companies also manage royalty, license, and marketing of your music which leaves you enough time to focus on your work. So make sure you do your research on the best distribution companies and labels before making a decision.

Get access to Spotify for Artists

Once you have uploaded your music on the digital streaming platform, make sure you claim your Spotify Artists profile in order to fully utilize all the features that Spotify offers. Do away with plans to buy Spotify plays as it allows you to highlight your best tracks or recent releases, analyze performance and statistics related to your listeners and even pitch music to playlists.

Verified artists can easily manage their profile, songs, marketing and analysis after claiming their profile. It not only builds credibility but also helps your fans to recognize your profile so they can follow you for updates and announcements! 

Make use of Spotify Ad Studio

Spotify Ad Studio is a useful tool that helps artists to gain a fanbase on Spotify and gain new listeners by allowing them to create short audio advertisements. You can use it for an upcoming song or tour or for promoting your playlist by submitting a cover, script and an appropriate background song. 

You can also provide Spotify QR codes for your profile, playlists, albums or songs for easy sharing and embed Spotify’s follow and play buttons on your website to redirect traffic to your Spotify profile without any hassle! 

Share your Spotify link on social media

You’ll find all major brands and influencers on social media platforms as they provide all the necessary exposure you need! Be it Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or any other platform, make sure you have an active account with a link to your Spotify profile, contact details and bio so that people can discover your music with ease and you can connect with them.

Dropping teasers on platforms like YouTube and Facebook and then providing the Spotify link for those who want to listen to the full track is a great way to generate traffic and reach more people. So make sure you actively provide updates and links to your songs, playlists, albums on these platforms in the form of posts or stories!

Get noticed by playlist curators 

Increase the reach of your songs by making them a part of Spotify Editorials. You can submit your unreleased songs to the Spotify editorial team or pitch your music to independent playlist editors and let the algorithm do its job from thereon.

This will not only increase your listeners but also provide higher credibility which will help in future collaborations. You can also ask music blogs and independent music magazines to feature you as this will help you get more recognition. But make sure your profile is updated so people can know more about you easily.

Curate your own playlist 

While approaching others is definitely something you need to do, you can also curate your own playlist and start collaborating with other independent artists and musicians. You can feature their songs in your lists, share them on social media platforms to actively promote them among your listeners so that Spotify’s algorithm can reward you with higher exposure.

Playlists make it easy to navigate through your profile and discover songs based on select genres, themes or mood and can be easily updated or shared, allowing you to promote several tracks with a single link. Actively curate and update playlists with appropriate covers and see the results for yourself.

Encourage your listeners to pre-save

Last but not the least, make sure you remind your active listeners and followers to pre-save your upcoming songs. This might seem a bit out of the blue but pre-saving upcoming songs help the algorithms know that they’re in demand and provide greater exposure as the algorithms increase the reach of the song when it releases, resulting in better exposure and more number of spotify streams!

So make sure you remind your fans to pre-save your songs to their library as then they’ll be encouraged to stream it at the earliest. You can even announce contests or giveaways to ensure more people pre-save your music before the release.

All these tricks will surely help you get more followers but will only work as long as you’re providing quality content to your listeners. So be patient while following these tips and get back to creating more awesome music for your listeners and become a Master Spotify Streamer in no time!

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