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Twitter sings the praises of Prince on what would've been his 63rd birthday. Learn all these lessons that the beloved artist taught the world.

Happy Birthday Prince! Twitter sings out their appreciation for his lessons

Prince, the icon & legend, would have been 63 today if not for his tragic & sudden death back in April 2016. Still, fans of the beloved artist are celebrating the day of his birth anyway. After all, Prince has touched millions of lives with his songs. In the years since his death, the internet sings his praises and lessons learned from the pioneering musical artist. 

With Prince’s birthday well underway, let’s go to celebration & well wishes over on Twitter! Here are some of our favorite tweets from those who continuously sing the praise of Prince. Because the singer had many lessons to teach the world before his death, here’s hoping we learned from them.


Thrifting is important

Look for those berets in second hand stores.


Keep it cool

Instead of meeting Jesus, you meet Prince when you die.


On love

Love and love well.


How to act

Such a good burn as well. “I’m sorry you were acting your shoe size, not your age.” 


Nothing is forever

All good things never last, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good to have them.



Music is the greatest connector of all.


A journey

We are all trying to get through this thing called life.


Work, work fashion baby

We need a good raspberry beret.


Find love

Find that love bizarre out there.


Bah normalcy

Who wants to be ordinary anyway? 

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