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Attention Bardi gang: a new Cardi B song has dropped! Take a walk on the wild side and check out her colab with Normani that's tearing up Twitter.

Cardi B and Normani: Take a peek at this new song and wild music video

Heads up, Bardi gang – there’s a new Cardi B song out (as if you didn’t know). That’s right folks, the arguable queen bee of today’s mainstream female hip hop scene has a new track. Cardi B’s 100 million instagram followers surely freaked the f#ck out when she let them know a new track was coming on Thursday, but nothing could prepare them for the single when the “Wild Side” video dropped on Friday.

Yes, Cardi B dropped the new song “Wild Side” on Thursday, and fans finally got another visual taste of Bardi greatness when the video was released Friday. However, the track isn’t exactly from everyone’s favorite reality star turned supernova pop icon. The track comes from Normani, and Cardi B appears as a feature on the new song. So what is “Wild Side” all about?

Wild side

Normani is surely the star of “Wild Side”, despite the fiercely loyal Bardi gang gassing up Cardi B on Twitter since whispers of the new song began appearing on the timeline. The video opens with Normani on a curated red set in an elaborate outfit not leaving much to the imagination. However, others soon join the star on set.

The first set we see features shag carpet & light fixtures bringing the 1960s to mind. Furthermore, the little bar cart with a bottle of Jameson on it seems to underscore this vibe. Before you know it, the bottle gets poured and we’re brought into a whole new set with a whole new feeling.

In & out

Viewers are taken in & out of the retro red room, but now with an entourage of dancers backing star Normani up. They move quickly and the camera moves even quicker.

The choreography is elaborate, but Normani and her dancers move effortlessly to her new sultry track. Pretty soon, Normani is on a well lit roof with her crew, all throwing down dance moves to the song, clad in 90s throwback all black pants and white kicks.

Things continue to go truly wild style in the video, as Normani moves between elaborate backgrounds until we find her doing a solo dance performance with herself as a partner (say what?). CGI tricks the eye to make us feel like Normani is dancing with her twin in a barely there two piece covering up her unmentionables. Surprising no one, this cues Cardi B to enter the scene.


Cardi B delivers in the new song, donning out a short but signature verse for Normani (and we can only imagine what the feature cost her). However, Normani definitely got her money’s worth with the Cardi feature – she appears fully nude in the video, spitting a fittingly NSFW verse (“I could probably suck a watermelon through a straw”😳). 

Fans have been lighting up Twitter with their delight about the new Normani video, and many are wondering how the track came to be.

Forever grateful

Billboard reported this week about “Wild Side” and gave fans a peek behind the curtain about the track & video. Normani told fans how Cardi B came to join the new song and detailed her gratitude for the feature.

Normani is quoted saying, “I had already been in rehearsal for about three weeks preparing for the video when Cardi heard the record for the first time . . . she really showed up for me and brought this record to life by simply doing what Cardi does best . . . I love that woman down and I’m forever grateful”. We’re grateful too, Normani – the video is fire.

What’s your favorite Cardi B song? Sound off in the comments below!

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