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One of the most successful musicians of this generation is definitely Adele. When will she release her new album?

Will Adele’s new album face huge criticism amongst fans?

One of the most successful musicians of this generation is definitely Adele. She’s a talented singer-songwriter she’s sold over 120 million records over the course of her career which is beyond impressive! Another interesting detail about her is that she’s won fifteen Grammy’s so far. It’s highly likely she’ll be winning more in the future! 

In 2006, Adele graduated in the arts from the BRIT School and quickly signed with XL Recordings for her first-ever record deal. She’s so beloved these days for her amazing vocal talents & emotional lyrics. Anyone who’s experienced heartbreak in the past can relate to her songs. The good news for her fans is that she’s currently shopping for a new Las Vegas residency to go along with her name album. Here’s what you should know.

Will Adele’s new album face criticism?

Fans of Adele are so excited to get new music from her after she took a six-year hiatus between her last album & now. Since people are so stoked to finally get a new album from her, it’s highly unlikely it will receive a lot of negative feedback or criticism. The first song we know will be on the album is called “Easy on Me” which she’ll be releasing on October 15th. 

She posted a clip of the new song to tease her fans with what to expect soon. The song sounds like it’s going to be an emotional one since she paired it with moody black-&-white visuals. Adele hasn’t publicized when the album will fully be released yet which is pretty frustrating. Fans would like to know what day they can expect new music from her. 

Back in September 2020, Adele revealed her album wasn’t completely finished yet. She said, “I know there’s been a lot of chatter about me just being the host. Like, ‘Why isn’t she the musical guest?’ And stuff like that. There’s a couple of reasons. My albums not finished and I’m also too scared to do both . . . I’d rather just put on some wigs, have a glass of wine or six, and just see what happens.” 

That was obviously a while ago and at this point, her album is ready for us to access soon.

What hints do we have about Adele’s new album?

Adele has been going above & beyond with marketing for her new album and it’s making the release feel so much more exciting. She changed the background of her Instagram account, YouTube channel, Twitter profile, and personal website to all match with the same shade of blue. That same shade of blue has been popping up on billboards all over the place as well. 

The number thirty has been spotted all around as well making people think she’s definitely behind the brilliant marketing stunt. Her previous albums are all named after ages in her life that were pivotal in her growth & development. For example, the songs on her album 19 were written when she was nineteen years old and inspired by the events of her life from that year. 

What will Adele’s new album be about?

Adele already revealed on Instagram that her thirtieth year of life was pretty tough to get through. In a caption from a post on her 31st birthday, she explained that thirty “tried” her but she did her best to lean into it & accept everything. She revealed that changed a lot, that she’s still changing, and that she thinks that’s all okay.

 In a 2016 interview with James Corden, she said she wouldn’t name another album after an age but it seems she changed her mind about that.

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