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Miley Cyrus' Peacock concert special dropped in a haze of glitter and amazing musical musical numbers. Learn everything you can about the Pride show.

Peacock for concerts: Here’s how to stream Miley Cyrus’s new show

June, as many of you know, is Pride month for the LGBTQ+ community. Naturally, capitalism demands that everyone slaps a rainbow on their logos for the month. It looks like streaming services have other plans in the works as well. For example, Disney+ had their own Pride concert this weekend with various members of the LGBTQ+ community singing Disney covers, naturally.

But, actually, the Pride show to beat was from Miss Miley Cyrus herself. We haven’t talked too much about Peacock, which is the streaming service from NBCUniversal. Honestly? This Miley Cyrus show could bump up the profile of Peacock, which has definitely been lost in the shuffle from its competitors, such as Netflix, HBO Max, and others. 

Now, Miley’s Pride show has already dropped on Peacock. What were the best parts of it? How can you stream it? Is there anything else about the Pride concert that you need to know?


Stand By You

Cyrus’ Peacock concert is called Stand By You, which sees the singer cover classic songs and perform some of her biggest hits. During the concert special, Miley performed “Dancing Queen” with Maren Morris, “We Belong” with the Brothers Osborne, “True Colors” with Little Big Town, and “Heart of Gold” with Mickey Guyton. She also did plenty of solo songs as well.

From her own catalogue, Miley gave us a show of “We Can’t Stop”, “Party in the USA”, and “The Climb”. She also covered Cher’s “Believe” because, well, as Miley put it, it “wouldn’t be a Pride concert without busting out Cher” at some point. She also got her diva on with some Madonna songs such as “Express Yourself” and “Like a Prayer”. The singer also covered “My Heart Beats For Love”. 

Miley had other guests appear on her special show such as Orville Peck. During the concert, she also considered how much the good, the bad, and the ugly that has happened in the LGBTQ+ community’s fight for acceptance. She said, “It might not feel like it all the time but we have made a lot of progress in recent years.” Cyrus identifies as pansexual & genderfluid. 


What else happened at the Peacock concert special? 

Listen, it was just a party where Miley sang with some of her famous friends, wore sparkly eyeshadow, and rocked a ton of feather dresses. Does it really need to be anything more than that? Because that’s pretty solid just as it is. Honestly, we should do more concerts like these. Good for Miley Cyrus, she made it look like a lot of fun if this is a trend Peacock decides to continue with. 

Miley did close out the show with a cover of “Freedom”, but with some parting as well. She said, “Freedom is a basic human right, but right now for some of us, it’s more of a privilege and a luxury. My dad [Billy Ray Cyrus] always says that a problem clearly defined is half-solved.”

She added, “But we know the issues we’re faced with, but now we have to look them fearlessly in the eye and confront generations of bigotry and hatred…We need to combat these issues with education, compassion, brazenness, and above all else, love. Love is always the answer. Love is never wrong.”

Stand By You is available to stream on Peacock. Are you excited to see the show? What guest stars are your favorites? Do you think streamed concerts should be more of a thing in the future? What do you think of Miley’s talking points as well? Let us know in the comments down below! 

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