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Lana may have talent, but this "Young and Beautiful" star just can't seem to find her way out of trouble. Find out the net worth of Lana Del Rey here.

Lana Del Rey can’t stay out of trouble: What’s her net worth?

From cultural appropriation allegations to accusations of glamorizing abuse, Lana Del Rey’s career is laced with controversies that often set the internet ablaze and get her in trouble. However, if you squint & look beyond all the mishaps, you’ll see an artist who rewrote her past to become a global sensation who’s worth millions today.

Unassuming beginning

Lana Del Rey’s retro-chic vibe & old Hollywood allure has made her one of the most unique & recognizable pop artists of our generation. But success didn’t come easy to Del Rey. Like many other singers who dream of making it in the music industry, Del Rey also started her musical journey by performing in New York City nightlife circuits. 

According to Vogue, Del Rey used several stage names before her current one stuck, such as Sparkle Rope Jump Queen, May Jailer, and Lizzy Grant. The “Summertime Sadness” singer tried to find success under her pen name Lizzy Grant which was close to her birth name, but Grant’s one & only album failed to woo the people. And as the album sank, so did Del Rey’s Lizzy Grant persona.

Birth of Lana Del Rey

Two years after her album flopped, Lizzy Grant emerged as Lana Del Rey. The reserved blonde Lizzy Grant was miles away from the “gangsta Nancy Sinatra” Lana Del Rey who oozed sex appeal & glamor. Lana Del Rey’s entry into the music scene was marked by her iconic songs “Video Games” & “Blue Jeans” which made her an underground sensation. 

The internet couldn’t stop talking about her glorious melancholy style & authentic feel. Lana Del Rey became the poster child of the early 2010’s sad girl Tumblr aesthetic. Yet it wasn’t until her disastrous performance on Saturday Night Live, which was dubbed as “dull” & “insecure”, that she really attracted mainstream attention. 

According to Entertainment Weekly, Lana Del Rey’s performance was trashed by music fans, bloggers, and even NBC News anchor Brian Williams, who, in a leaked email to Gawker’s chief, called it “one of worst outings in SNL history.” 

The viewers’ visceral reaction only served to create hype & promotion for Lana Del Rey. Just months after the SNL fiasco, Del Rey released her first major-label album, Born to Die, which despite mixed reviews snatched second place on Billboard Top 200. Del Rey hasn’t looked back since then, in spite of several ensuing headline-making mishaps. 

Net worth

It isn’t much of a “Cruel World” that Lana Del Rey claims to live in if her net worth is in millions. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Del Rey’s current net worth is around a stupendous $30 million. Her impressive fortune is reportedly due to her Billboard-charting discography & widespread acclaim. It seems like Del Rey has siphoned most of her net worth into real estate. As per Variety, Del Rey owns several lavish residences in some of Los Angeles’s most expensive zip codes.

Lana Del Ray allegedly bought a beachfront home in Malibu for a net estimate of $3 million, which she later sold in a hush-hush off-market deal for $3.2 million. In 2018, real estate sources close to Del Rey told Variety that the indie-pop queen has shelled out almost $1.2 million for a historic two-bedroom & one-bathroom cabin-style home in the Echo Park area of Los Angeles.


With her signature moody croon & incredible artistry, Lana Del Rey has won many hearts and, in turn, raked in big bucks. However, controversies seem to follow everywhere she goes. What do you think of her net worth? Do you think controversies surrounding Del Rey has got to do something with her impressive wealth? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • 30 million? Did lana del rey sleep to the top?

    July 9, 2021
    • She even wrote a song about it: Fucked My Way Up To The Top – Lana Del Rey. But seriously, I’m not sure it’s okay to say that about a successful female artist, and is certainly disingenuous. I mean, she sold millions of records which is how she earned all that money. Did she sleep with millions of people so they would buy her records?

      November 27, 2021

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