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Getting your music out there can be tough. Here are some ways artists on Spotify can get more people to listen.

How artists can get more popular on Spotify

When it comes to listening to music, perhaps the first app that everyone thinks of is Spotify. Today, Spotify is one of the most successful and most used music streaming apps in the world. There are thousands of listeners using the app daily. Spotify has also been able to give the artists that platform where they can put out their music for the rest of the world to listen. 

When it comes to releasing your music, musicians often aim to release their songs on Spotify. Because of the app’s widening popularity, artists often receive fame and success from their Spotify channels. Having thousands of listeners on your songs can really boost an artist’s career.

Now, you can also buy Spotify plays, thus making it easier to get more plays on your songs which can help you grow.

How can an artist be better at Spotify?

If you are an artist who has just finished your first song and plan on putting the song out on Spotify and other music platforms, here’s what you should follow:

Pre-release measures

One of the major things to look into should be how your audio sounds. Since you will be releasing your music on apps like Spotify, you should make sure that the audio quality of your song is of the top quality, which is in .wav form since a song having good quality audio gets more listeners.

Another important factor to consider is, how you should release your music. When it comes to major music streaming apps like Spotify, you can only release your music there via distribution platforms like CDBaby, Distrokid and other distribution platforms. Make sure that you know what plan is best for your music growth.

Now you can even pitch your music to Spotify to be featured in editorial playlists before your song has released. This may help you get a huge number of plays. Most of the Spotify editorial playlists have thousands of likes and your song could get a huge number of plays if featured in one of these playlists.

Always keeping up with your activity

Once your music is out on Spotify, make sure that you track the activity of how your songs are doing. To make this easier for artists, Spotify has introduced their new app, “Spotify for Artists” which helps artists track their music activity. Another thing to notice here is that, once you know where your music is being heard the most, you can even plan a live concert in that state or city, which would increase your fan following.

Now you also have the option to buy Spotify plays via websites like SpotifyStorm through which you can instantly get more plays on your songs.

Marketing measures

Sharing, promoting and marketing is the most crucial stage of releasing your music. When it comes to sharing, share your music on all mediums possible such as social media apps like Instagram and many others. In terms of promoting and marketing, send your music to music bloggers and playlist curators to get featured in a blog or playlist which increases the engagement of your music, leading to you being discovered by a newer audience every day.

For an artist, to keep working every day is important in order to keep up with the fast-growing music industry which is why the above-mentioned factors can help in giving those artists a headstart that they need.

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