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Rapper CupcakKe is ready to start some beef. Here are all the people she called out in her latest diss track.

What’s the rapper Cupcakke up to and who is she dissing?

Rapper CupcakKe has always been known for the controversial and alternative lyrics she’s brought into the rap game. Just recently, she dropped her most contentious track yet. In her new song “How to Rob (Remix)”, a nod to 50 cent’s 1999 single “How to Rob”, she calls out over twenty names in the hip-hop industry, some being the most pivotal figures in the field today like Megan Thee Stallion, Migos, Lizzo, and more.

The disses

In the span of one minute and forty-six seconds, CupcakKe managed to call out over twenty rappers in “How to Rob(Remix)”. Complex confirmed the list includes: “Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, DaBaby, Lil Baby, 6ix9ine, Lizzo, Migos (and Offset individually), Wiz Khalifa, Tory Lanez, Young M.A., Doja Cat, Sukihana, Lil Durk, City Girls, Lil Kim, Chief Keef, G Herbo, Mulatto, Flo Milli, Sada Baby, and DreamDoll”.

In the song’s intro, CupcakKe made sure to keep it civil, assuring “If you hear your name/it’s all muhf*ckin’ love, don’t take sh*t personal”. The song’s release was met with mixed reactions, some loving it while others called her out, particularly for the lines made about Lizzo & Megan Thee Stallion.

Twitter user @CHIQU1TITA quoted her line “Catch Lizzo, drag her out the food court” and responded “cupcakke is f*cking weird and disgusting for this yall literally become fatphobic around Lizzo everytime and its f*cking tiring give that woman a break??”

The song’s lyrics directed at Megan Thee Stallion are causing quite a buzz as well, as CupcakKe brought up the sensitive incident from earlier this year about Megan getting shot at by Tory Lanez with the line “Run up on Megan, like, ‘Give me your funds’ and you can’t even run, ‘cause you just got shot’”. @rapalert2 tweeted “Cupcakke could’ve left the Megan line out but everything else fair.”

CupcakKe’s response to criticism 

In response to criticism received by her diss track, she responded to a tweet commending her for her talents with “I think it’s a beautiful thing & any one upset with it it’’s just use to the mediocre. Understand it’s not male rappers complaining it’s female rappers . Sit back & enjoy talent at its finest & for the last time it’s all love to all the rappers mentioned. Don’t be sensitive”.

Moments later, the rapper added “I decided I’m going to get baptized in the morning . On that note . Everyone have a peaceful blessed night . In the name of Jesus I pray . Amen.”

Sukihana drama

Just earlier today, CupcakKe dropped one more diss track aimed specifically towards one rapper this time: Sukihana. This surprise song comes after Sukihana released her own clapback track in response to “How to Rob (Remix)”.

In the original track, CupcakKe called out Sukihana in the line “Who the f*ck is this b*tch named Suki? Poppin’ up when promoters can’t book me/Since you love to be on OnlyFans, I’m the only fan at your show, what’s goodie?

Sukihana was one of the only few rappers to respond to their diss so far, and released a response track titled “Rob Who?”. In the song, Sukihana insults CupcakKe’s appearance and mentions that she doesn’t get club bookings because they always want appearances from Sukihana instead, rapping “Hoe, you know I’m Suki, what the f*ck you expected?/You know I’m rude as f*ck and you know my mouth is reckless”.

This morning, CupcakKe announced to fans on Twitter her new song directed solely towards Sukihana titled “The Gag Is”. 

One line everyone is freaking out over is “I saw a video up on OnlyFans I’m like ‘Hold the fuck up’/This ain’t what Rihanna meant when she said ‘Throw it up, throw it up’”, referencing Sukihana’s OnlyFans account that went viral earlier this year over Twitter when she posted a video of her accidentally throwing up while performing a sexual act. 

So far, CupcakKe’s song announcement has reached about 30K likes, with many saying she’s clearly won this feud. Check out some more reactions to “The Gag Is” below. 

Faster than Amazon Prime? With the speed she drops her rhymes, could Cupcakke deliver our Christmas presents? 

This Twitter user thinks Cupcakke’s haters should take all the seats! 

Just . . . wow. No words. 

What do you think about Cupcakke’s new single? Any disses got you riled up? Let us know in the comments!

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