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Is there someone making V smile all day long? Find out what's going on between this BTS singer and Kim Yoo-jung.

Kim Yoo-Jung and BTS’s V? Is she making him smile?

V has us smiling all day long. He’s extremely talented and so handsome we’re still wondering if he’s not computer-generated. But have you ever considered there might be a special someone behind V’s smile?

Surely, there has to be someone V finds attractive. We can only imagine how perfect this person must be to grab V’s attention. A man as good-looking & charming as he could get anyone easily.

Here’s who we think might have stolen V’s heart. At least we hope we’re onto something here.

Subway meetup

If you’re a V stan, you probably saw this coming. A while ago, V uploaded a photograph of himself riding the subway. This was a bit odd since someone as famous as him could use pretty much any other means of transportation. Other than that, the photo didn’t stand out.

Some hours later, though, Kim Yoo-Jung also uploaded a photo of herself in the subway. Again, this is very weird since Kim is a famous actress and has been from a young age, so it’s hard to think of a reason for her to use the subway.

Many put two & two together and figured these posts couldn’t be a coincidence. These huge celebrities just happened to need to ride the subway on the same day? Fans started theorizing about a secret romance between V & Kim Yoo-Jung, involving a meetup in the subway.

This theory’s a bit problematic. If the “couple” were trying to have a secret date, you’d think they’d know better than to upload a photograph of them disclosing their whereabouts on the same day. Still, we think they’d make an adorable couple, so we can’t blame fans for thinking (or wishing) there was something going on between V & Kim.

Fan love

This wouldn’t be the first time fans have come up with a theory about V’s secret love life because of his activity on social media. Fans have also suspected someone named HI might have stolen V’s heart.

This theory originated as V kept uploading photographs when HI requested them. She once asked for a picture of him in front of the mirror, and he complied. It’s also speculated that a ring V showed off in photos for three days in a row was a gift from HI. These coincidences have members of the ARMY wondering if there’s something going on between V & HI. They’ve even theorized she could be traveling with him.

We’re still not sure V is actually interested in Kim or HI. It sure seems like the life of a K-pop idol is extremely complicated (and time-consuming), so we think it isn’t likely V’s having a secret relationship.

Will we ever see V with someone?

While many labels have strict policies about idols having relationships, this is not the case for BTS. Every member of BTS has been allowed to own a cellphone, and none of them actually have a relationship ban.

However, it doesn’t seem like love is the top priority for any of the members of BTS. These guys are really focused on their careers, and this includes V. This doesn’t mean they are not interested in dating at all; romance just isn’t the highest priority at the moment.

V has said he loves his fans way too much. Apparently, he’s not thinking of being unfaithful to the ARMY for the time being. Many would actually feel relieved knowing V isn’t dating anyone right now. We still think it would be cute to see him acting all lovey-dovey and posting about it on Instagram.

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  • i am so broken. but i will always love and support him no matter what. i live only for him. his is my universe. i love you no matter what. and if its true i am happy for you.

    October 16, 2020

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