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Wall Street Bets users are still going strong. Now they're buying billboards to garner more support.

Wall Street Bets IRL: See the Billboards they’re buying for laughs

Wall Street Bets was a relatively unknown subreddit until last week when they started making international headlines. The entire world stopped and stared as a band of intrepid internet users attempted to short squeeze a hedge fund by beating them at their own stock market games.

The subreddit created volatility in the stock market as they set their sights mostly on GameStop stock, but also other companies including AMC, BlackBerry, and others.

Wall Street Bets users have been adamant about keeping their AMC stock in order to prevent the price from dropping too far and banking on making a profit many of the big believers in the movement have been buying billboards around the country. Here’s a look at some of the boards.

To the moon

Twitter user @akaneotani posted four pictures of different billboards. The pictures were found on the Wall Street Bets subreddit. Users are proudly posting images of their billboards there.

For the most part they all look pretty similar. An image of the Wall Street Bets logo (a cartoon blonde man with sunglasses & a suit), often some emojis and one of the subreddit’s favorite slogans.

Billboard in Oklahoma City, OK! If someone can rent out a billboard for GME you can hold your shares!!! 💎 🖐!!!! (Left watermark for credit) from wallstreetbets

Not leaving

Based on this user’s comment it looks like they may not have rented this billboard, but found it out in the wild.

Go brrr

Some of these billboards are relatively affordable – jone was only $160 for four days. However, one Wall Street Bets user went above and beyond by renting a Times Square billboard. That had to have been expensive.

Billboard Coming To Tyler, TX Soon from wallstreetbets

Coming soon

This Wall Street Bets user posed the image he was waiting to have approved for a board in Tyler, Texas. While many of these billboards seem more like a celebration than anything else, this one is clearly a call to action trying to get more people to join in on buying GameStop stock shares.

My AMC Billboard is up in Kalamazoo, MI! 💎✊🏻 🚀🚀🚀 from wallstreetbets

Not just GME

The love is mostly going to GameStop, but it isn’t the only stock getting billboards. This Missouri board is encouraging people to save AMC (a company that was on the brink of bankruptcy not long ago) by buying their stock.

Just bought 7 Billboards along every major highway in Orlando. To show the world I love GME. from wallstreetbets

Seven boards

One user really went all in by buying seven different billboards in Florida in order to spread the word about GME . . . not that there’s likely to be many people left who haven’t heard about it.

Billboard In Winter Haven, FL from dogecoin


Another internet favorite (though not necessarily the darling of Wall Street Bets) is cryptocurrency DogeCoin. It’s worth less than a dollar and citizens of the internet have been trying to get the price to skyrocket the same way as GME for a long time.

Apparently they wanted to jump in on the billboard action.

Billboard in Orlando, FL near a busy intersection! 🚀🚀🚀 from wallstreetbets

Strategic placement

One user made sure to pick a busy intersection in order to get as many eyeballs on the board as possible. Whether it actually ends up affecting their cause in any way, we’ll never really know.

Collage of billboards purchased by you beautiful apes. from wallstreetbets


One user created a (rather messy) collage of all the billboards they’d seen pictures of in the Wall Street Bets subreddit to celebrate the efforts of other users.

What do you think? Are these billboards funny & exciting? Or are they maybe a little silly and unlikely to actually get anyone to buy stock? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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