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Nurses have been on the front lines of the pandemic and deserve our praise and gratitude. Let's celebrate all nurses do with these relatable memes.

Frontline laughs: Celebrate the nurses in your life with these memes

Kicking butt & taking names during this global pandemic are our frontline workers, specifically nurses and other medical personnel who are doing their very best to kick COVID-19’s a$$. We’re here to honor their service with some of the best nurse memes we could find on Twitter. 

Go ahead and scrub down & glove up. No need to bend over for this one, unless it’s from laughing, of course, because we’re here to surgically tickle your funny bone and honor those nurses who’ve done such an amazing job during the pandemic. Here are some nurse memes that celebrate all your hard work! 

Protect the elderly

Not even nurse memes will sacrifice the content gold that is Bernie Sanders. 

Comedic delivery

Nurses . . . these guys are already in deep for not having the bodily function to painfully birth a child. Please don’t make it worse for them. 

Emergency within an emergency

This is probably the last face you’d want to see before going under the knife. 

Attention seeker

We’re curious if this is how it works in hospitals too? 

Thank you for your service

Are these rectal COVID-19 tests ready to go yet? Our brains are tired of being scrambled. 

No life

Nurses know better than anyone the art of multitasking.

Little victories

Assessing other people is in your blood . . . even when they just want to be left alone. 

Time management

Hey . . . longer day equals greater pay!

People suck

If this happens in the memory unit, however, try to practice a little patience. 

Heroes walk among us

Nurses are already superheroes in their own right, but when you get that one magical “dream team” shift you know you’re getting s#!+ done! 

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