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One of Tony Hawk's old fan interactions resurfaced on Twitter. Like any great internet phenomenon, there are plenty of memes. Here are the best ones.

Twitter doesn’t know what Tony Hawk looks like: Skate through these memes

The king of pro skating, Tony Hawk, is a celebrity every 90s & early 2000s kid could pick out of a line. You couldn’t find a sports fan who didn’t know the name, Tony Hawk. He broke skateboarding into the mainstream and grew a substantial fan base.

He even hopped fandoms – going from the skatepark to households across the world. He headlined the incredibly successful Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game series in the late 1990s & early 2000s. 

Many people will at least recognize the name if they don’t know what he looks like. However, an interaction between Tony Hawk and a fan in Desert Hot Springs, California, from 2019 has resurfaced on Twitter. 

The interaction

In 2019, Tony Hawk visited Guy J Tedesco skatepark in Desert Hot Springs, California. The skatepark is just outside Palm Springs or about two and half-hours away from San Diego, where Tony Hawk calls home. 

The conversation Tony Hawk has is just the most wholesome conversation ever. The fact he answers “sometimes” to the question “are you a good skater?” is just classic. The interaction was in 2019 and, for whatever glorious reason, has resurfaced for all of us to enjoy.And it wouldn’t be an intern phenomenon without memes about it. Here are some of the best ones. 


Honestly? Same!

Tony Hawk is such a wholesome person. He loves to share the sport he loves with others. He’s not concerned with his image because he lets his actions speak for themselves. We are going to make sure our kids immediately recognize Tony Hawk. He’s definitely never a stranger to anyone. 

Tony Hawk is a God

Even not as a skater, we bow down to Tony Hawk. It’s a shame he’s not big enough to be instantly recognized by everyone on the planet. A Tony Hawk appearance is the skateboarding equivalent to a Bill Murry appearance. 

More wholesome Tony Hawk moments

What more can you want from Tony Hawk. He’s so passionate about the sport & culture. Keep skating alive!


It’s sad but true. Hopefully, everyone will go out and burn the image of Tony Hawk into their brains going forward. 

So much good press

Ocean Spray can shut down its marketing department after this Super Bowl ad airs. They’d never need another commercial after this. 

People get it together

Guys, this can’t keep happening. We’re making it everyone’s homework to study Tony Hawks face for at least fifteen minutes a day. He’s a real one and should be remembered as such. 

What is Tony Hawk up to now?

Tony Hawk continues to be an ambassador for skateboarding. Even though he’s almost stopped skating professionally, he continues to advance the sport. In 2002, he created the Tony Hawk Foundation and last year was rebranded to the Skatepark Project. The nonprofit’s mission is to supply underserved communities with a safe & legal place to skate. 

According to the Skatepark Project’s website, Tony Hawk received thousands of emails from fans and parents of fans who did not have a safe, legal place to skate. In some cases, some were even arrested for skating on public property. Thus, the Skatepark Project was born. 

Today, Tony Hawk and the Skatepark Project have awarded over $10 million to help create public skate parks opening nearly 650 in all fifty states. Beyond raising money for skatepark development, the Skatepark Project also offers resources to help activists navigate the development process to ensure they receive input from the people who would actually use the parks.

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