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Everything is bigger in Texas, except brains! The best memes that celebrate Texas thinking that the global pandemic is over. No more masks!

Texas goes maskless: All the best memes on Twitter about the change

Yesterday, we learned the shocking truth that both Texas & Mississippi would not only be ending their mandatory mask mandates but are once again allowing certain gathering spaces to return to 100% capacity. Totally not dangerous, right? 

Despite CDC warnings, these two states are over the COVID-19 pandemic and seem eager to return to how life once was. It’s an interesting approach in helping stop the spread of the coronavirus, seeing as the U.S. has only vaccinated about 10% of its population. Oh, well . . . bring on the Texas memes! 

Sorry, Mississippi. Your turn will come soon enough. But for now, let’s delve into Twitter to see if we can’t find some of the best Texas memes that roast the state’s radical decision to stop taking care of its citizens’ health. 

Red state

Spongebob Squarepants is really becoming the new The Simpsons in terms of predicting everything before it actually happens. 

They’ve lost their groove

We’ll take any opportunity we can to talk about The Emperor’s New Groove, even in a piece about Texas memes. 

We’re going to need a bigger vaccine

We mean . . . someone had to be the guinea pig in all of this, right?

Swing and a Mississippi

Yeah! How is Mississippi dodging all of the memes? Why are we only focusing on Texas and its stupidity? 

Too soon?

Can we at least wait till we receive actual health data before you try to make us jealous, Texas? Hopefully, this idiotic idea works out for you.   

Cowboy Wizard

Is there a spell to remove droplets? We’re very curious how Hogwarts would’ve handled at-home learning. 

Don’t mess with the classics

We get it . . . you miss backyard BBQs. So do we! However, we’ve seen how Texas folk eat corn on the cob. Believe us, you’re doing yourself a favor by wearing the mask. 

Texas memes are in full force

Get busy living . . . or get busy dying. 

Texas is being led by an Oddjob

COVID-19 should be treated a little bit more seriously than freaking sharks with freaking laser beams attached to their freaking heads! 

Texas as Tribute

May the odds be ever in your favor, Texas.

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