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The Suez Canal has just been cleared, but Twitter isn't done with it yet. Grab your bulldozers and delve into more of these hilarious Suez Canal memes. 

One boat vs the world’s trading system: All the memes on the Suez Canal

As the Suez Canal continued to be blocked, the memes kept flowing even more rapidly as the days wore on. 

Breaking: the Ever Given was reportedly just freed from the Suez per The New York Times. The issue with the Ever Given persisted for five days, disrupting international trade and ticking off yet another box on the year of disastrous events. Through it all, Twitter could be counted on to provide some humor. 

So grab your smallest bulldozer (seriously, what were they thinking) and delve into more of these hilarious Suez Canal memes. 

Pass the ibuprofen 

That stinks, dude, but at least you’re able to laugh about it. Humor is the best medicine after all. 

 SOS girl 

Don’t worry, girl, we are on our way . . . oh wait . . . 

 Bad driver 

Looks like no one ever taught him how to drive stick shift. 

We can see you 

Oof, sorry dude. Remember the Internet is forever. 

Wrong turn 

Looks like they can’t get back onto the turnpike. Whoops!

 History has its eyes on us 

Christopher Columbus must be rolling in his grave right about now. 

 Decisions, decisions 

Now that is relatable. We can already hear the burger calling our name . . . 

That one guy 

We’ve all been there. Think it may be time you call your group mates again, dude. Or maybe the professor. 

 Nighttime thoughts 

We don’t think he’s seen any of the recent pictures, it looks pretty stuck . . .

Beavers, Assemble! 

Well, we’re glad to see someone is getting something good out of this whole situation. 

Have any other Suez Canal memes? Drop them below in the comments to keep this river of humor moving! 

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