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Prince Phillip may have died at age ninety-nine, but Twitter never rests. Get ready to retweet and take a look at our list of Prince Phillip memes.

Prince Philip dies at age 99: Peek at the darkest memes from Twitter

Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh, passed away on April 9th, 2021 at Windsor Castle at an incredibly ripe old age. The ninety-nine-year-old spouse to Queen Elizabeth II was a beloved figure to those who followed the royal family. 

He was known for his sense of humor, which is probably why Twitter processed the death the only way it knew how: through creating memes. Prince Phillip would have probably wanted it this way, but who knows? Maybe he’d tell us to act our age! 

However, some of these memes took it a bit too far (but are honestly still hilarious). We took a royal coach through the threads and found some of the darkest Prince Phillip memes. Get ready to retweet and take a look at our list of Prince Phillip memes that will probably age like moldy cheese. 

Conspiracy theories 

Yeah, he’s probably going to be grasping at straws. If you have to use red yarn to show us your idea, you’re already in trouble. 

Breaking my silence 

That’s one way to process grief. 

Blame game 

There may be some holes in your logic, namely that she’s across an ocean. . . 

Dating game 

We’d definitely swipe right, what about you? 

Not again, Andrew! 

He’s always up to something, isn’t he? 

Shotgun Queen 

In the words of Ron Burgundy, that escalated quickly. . . 

Speed is key! 

Never underestimate the power of Twitter. 

Down we go 

. . . We think we might be meeting you there. . . 

Don’t be that guy 

Now that is just rude. 

Worth to the world 

You might have forgotten he was the ruler of a country, and we wouldn’t short change him like that. 

Have any other funny dark memes about Prince Phillip’s death at age ninety-nine? Drop them below in the comments so we can awkwardly laugh together. 

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