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Nyan Cat, or Pop Tart Cat as he was once known, has turned ten years old today. Grab some Pop Tarts and check out Twitter's reaction to this adorable meme.

Happy birthday Nyan Cat! Try not to get annoyed revisiting the iconic meme

Nyan Cat, or Pop Tart Cat as he was once known, has officially turned ten years old as of today, marking ten years of rainbow-filled joy. 

This rainbow loving feline was first introduced to us through a YouTube video posted by artist Christopher Torres on April 5th, 2011. The cat was soon christened as a meme and renamed Nyan Cat due to the pairing of the cat with the Japanese song “Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!” in his debut video. 

To mark the occasion, Twitter has brought forward some amazing memes and comments, not only celebrating Nyan Cat but also showcasing some notable moments in his ten year history. 

So let’s grab some Pop Tarts and check out these hilarious memes celebrating ten years of Nyan Cat on the internet.  

Birthday art 

Many have chosen to celebrate by showing off their art skills. Let’s keep this adorable flight through the cat studded stars going! 

Hugs & kisses 

We cannot imagine anything better than a kiss from Nyan Cat. . . or any cat for that matter. . . 

Making some merch 

Nyan Cat has become so popular he’s now being sewn onto bibs. . . that’s when you know you’ve made it. 

 Earworm cat 

The perfect sound-visual experience in our opinion. 

Credit to creator 

Even Nyan Cat’s creator got in on the fun! Always nice to see a creator take pride in their work, congratulations!

Three step plan 

I don’t think Nyan Cat will be up for this. . . 

Bringing in big bucks 

Looks like the art world is finally accepting the beauty of memes. It’s about time. 

Rainbow layers 

. . . Rainbows do get prettier the deeper you look, so this makes sense to us. . . kinda. . . 

Galaxy surfing

Look at that cutie hanging ten. . . or would it be four because of the paws. . .? 

Feel old yet? 

Please don’t remind us, some of us watched Vine when it was still up, too. 

Have any other fun memes to celebrate Nyan Cat’s birthday? Drop them below in the comments to keep this feline flying! 

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