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Marjorie Taylor Greene is up to her ridiculous antics once more, only this time she's taking shots at the LGBTQ+. Here are the best meme reactions!

Marjorie Taylor Greene getting dragged: The best memes on Twitter

Marjorie Taylor Greene, an American politician as well as a far-right conspiracy theorist, has said some crazy s%!+ in her time serving as a U.S. representative, but now her actions are taking her down a dangerous path. Oh, well . . . more political memes for us! 

Green is currently under some intense criticism for posting an anti-transgender sign outside of her office, strategically across the hall from a lawmaker who has a transgender child. This demonstration by Marjorie Tylor Greene is expected to be a sign of protest against the Equality Act, expected to be passed by the House in the upcoming days. This bill would ban discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene, whose sign read “There are two genders: Male & Female. Trust the Science” has garnered much attention, especially given that it’s coming from somebody with a history of pompous behavior. So how is Twitter reacting to all the news? With memes, of course!   

Hot takes

Here are some of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s most popular conspiracies of the last several years. You be the judge of her antics after reading some of these takes! 

Hands where we can see them

“Grab’em by the” what, Marjorie Taylor Greene?

Stick to your guns

Twitter has been weaponized by many, we agree. Do you know what has also become weaponized? Weapons! 

Chicken around

At least Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t have to work on Sunday anymore! 

Mindcraft equals mind blown

The most impressive altering of this photo was minimizing the size of her big mouth. 

Unique thinking process 

Marjorie Taylor Greene would be excellent at making fishbone charts. 

Golden Goose 

If her opinions get any wilder then Marjorie Taylor Greene will become Gene Wilder. Ok . . . that was a terrible pun

Animal rights 

Yikes! This gif is absolutely terrifying. However, we’re not the biggest fan of throwing the term “pig” around. Let’s just leave the tacky labels for Greene to decide.   

Work out your problems

So you’re telling us that we can’t even tan yet thanks to COVID-19, but the bathroom stalls are still open for gym hookups?

Video evidence

Here is proof of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s actions. Below you will find a template to fill out your very own Marjorie Taylor Greene meme . . . have at it, Twitter!

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