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Lockdown is nearly over and the UK is celebrating. So if you’re stuck in the UK, don’t worry, these memes should help.

Is lockdown ending in the UK? Escape with these painfully relatable memes

The UK prime minister Boris Johnson has just announced a steady plan to slowly remove their tight lockdown restrictions. According to BBC News, the government’s new roadmap will start beginning May 17th and includes having “six people or two households meet indoors”, and of course, hospitality venues like restaurants & pubs will finally open. 

Even your outdoor cinemas and weddings can continue, and this will be a pretty big moment for the UK, that is, until stage four of their plan begins on June 21st.  

So if you’re stuck in the UK, don’t worry, these memes should help. But if you’re not anywhere near a major lockdown, so you’re basically “enjoying life to the fullest” (#YOLO), these memes should be a total breeze. Let’s take a look at some of the best Twitter memes.

In the club

No club wants to be “yesterday’s news”, but since the UK lockdown will officially open their nightclubs again by the end of June, would every nightclub need a major upgrade? We bet those chairs look great! 

Hairy beast

Before the UK lockdown ends, you might want to make your next hair appointment a private or home visit. On the plus side, you’ll be looking like a Queen in no time! Well, give it a month or two.

Night shift

If you’ve partied up a storm at a nightclub, you’ll know why getting that extra bit of sleep is going to help before the UK lockdown ends. You saw the meme, time to rest up!


The end of the UK lockdown has called for a much needed dance fever. 

We’re ready

Time to plan for post-lockdown. If you haven’t already come up with your list of drinks yet, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this super relatable tweet from Top Gear

Rain on your parade

Though the entire United Kingdom are patiently waiting for the end of their suffering, will chilling outside a nice bar in the freezing cold weather really be worth it? Just don’t forget your mask, oh, and an umbrella. Ch . . . cheers!

“Dancing Queen”

Just like “Donna & The Dynamos”, you’ll be “having the time of your life” when the cinemas open in May. 

Frankenstein’s monster

The UK government has created some serious monsters over the last few months. Hey, they didn’t ask to be in lockdown okay? Warning: don’t give them fire or ask them if they’re fine. 

Locked away

You might not know this, but it’s been a whole year since Boris Johnson announced a three-week lockdown. And today the UK is still dealing with their “curve”. Well, that took a slight turn. 


We can’t all look like the Mighty Thor everyday, but are we ready to socialize while we look like post-blip? Was lockdown the UK’s blip? We have some serious questions for Thanos. 

What are you most excited to do when lockdown is over? Let us know in the comments below. 

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