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GameStop is thriving heading into the weekend, thanks to Reddit. Check out all the funny memes about the company's stock price right here.

GameStop is thriving thanks to stocks: The best memes from Twitter

GameStop is thriving after its stock price skyrocketed during the week. Redditors & gamers allegedly manipulated the stock market to squeeze hedge funds that were short selling the company. GameStop has huge brand recognition and love among the internet, and its adoring fans reportedly wanted to save the company from hedge fund managers trying to make a quick buck while it’s down. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the practice, short-selling is when an investor borrows stock from a company, hoping it will go down. They then buy the stock at a lower price and sell it back to the company, keeping the profits. GameStop’s been the favorite target of short sellers long before the pandemic. However, Wall Street couldn’t keep its big mouth shut, and the internet found out. 

Using basic knowledge of the stock market, they squeezed the short sellers by buying stock to make the price go up. That’s bad when you’re hoping the price goes down because you have to buy out of your short sell at some point. Now GameStop is trading around $300. 

Sometimes lectures can’t help us understand this complex story, but memes are universal. Some of the new GameStop stinks memes are helping explain to some people, and some are just for a good laugh. However, as much as a meme, this all was before the price skyrocketed wall streets backlash is now a meme. Have a laugh at hedge fund managers’ expense. 

Stop crying 

Hearing these hedge fund managers complain about Robinhood users is pathetic. Like, don’t have sh**ty practices and acting like elitists a**holes. GameStop is thriving now. However, just like the market is volatile, so are the rules. You got played, and that’s the risk you take just like the rest of us. 

Great movie 

First off, if you haven’t seen The Big Short. Great movie. We highly recommend it. If you still don’t understand what’s going on with GameStop and the stock market, watch it. This is going to be the cast of The Big Short 2.

We’re the court jester‘s

We might not know what’s going on, but now we look like Jamie Fox in Django Unchained when he first puts on that blue suit. 

Big Bird

GameStop might be thriving now, but it’s an awkward Fortune 500 company now. We love how its price is now up with its competitor Amazon. 

Why are you mad

Most of us don’t even know what’s going on – stop shouting! Stop yelling, you elitist pr*ck trying to blame us for your immoral practice of shorting companies we love to make a quick buck. We’re happy GameStop is thriving now. 

Joker stuff

This week has been hilarious, and if you think otherwise, you’re part of the problem with these hedge funds. Whether you like it or not, the small traders or retail traders are important; they need protection just like the major funds. 

More Joker stuff

Redditors and gamers are trying to send a message. Stop shorting companies to make a quick buck, you a**holes. We figured out your game, and we’ll stop you. 

Bad idea Wall Street

Never tell the internet what it can’t do because they’ll always prove you wrong, and they’ll completely overdue it. The internet knows it took things too far with GameStop, but they also want to know how far they can take it. Hey, at least GameStop is thriving.

Don’t hate the player; hate the game

You advise us not to get in the market because it’s too hard. Then we learn the rules and outplayed you, and you’re upset. You get to manipulate the stock market, but when we do it, it’s wrong? Give us a break, Karens. You’re acting like a toddler.

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