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Need an edgy laugh? Engage your taboo and offensive side with these funny dark humor jokes on Twitter. They're sure to tickle your funny bone.

When life gives you lemons – laugh at these funny dark jokes

Whether it’s a joke about race, the Kama Sutra, or religion, there’s a dark humor joke for everyone. While they might be offensive to some, dark humor is a cornerstone for comedy. It takes the taboo and makes it funny. 

You know where the treasure trove of dark humor is? Twitter, of course! Laugh at some of the best dark humor on the internet. A warning before you get any further, though. Some people might find these jokes offensive and/or triggering. Reader’s discretion advised. 

That’s not what we meant

More dad joke than dark humor, but it didn’t fail to make us laugh. 

Are we seeing double?

Agatha, is that you? We know you’re old enough to remember Atlantis before it sank, but is this your MO. Do you just go through life killing animals, you monster? 

Interplanetary genocide

We’re getting into some Rick and Morty level s**t with this one. My God!? At least they didn’t pull a 9/11. One typo on a Nazi memo and we might have one less planet to study. 

Not for younger audiences

Dark humor is not for younger ears. Please watch where you share your jokes. They’ll be mentally scarred for life. 

Laundry is racist 

It’s 2021 – we shouldn’t have to segregate our laundry. You’re telling us the fast computers in the world fit in our pockets, but we still have to separate our laundry. 

Not so simple

One does not simply clap their hands when they’re happy.

Not all bad

Those who say all dark humor is offensive have only scratched the surface of the genre. There are plenty of ways to make taboo subjects funny. In this case, the only people getting offended are Republicans. 

The confusion

Man, some interior designers and contractors must have been really “surprised” to find naked girls instead of ceiling fans. Sure, that’s what you were looking for.  

The internet is too horny sometimes

Horny dark humor is the best — the blending of the best two comedy forms on the planet. 

Context is key

Don’t talk to strangers on the internet. You never know if they win Epic Battle Royals or are just a serial killer. The more you know. 

“Mamba out”

Rest in peace, Kobe, but God damn! 

It’s not a game anymore

Do you think they played “the floor is lava” in Pompeii? Oh, the irony. 

The choice is yours

Honestly, two great books to live by. Take your pick but make sure you know when to use one over the other – it makes for a pretty awkward conversation.

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