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The world has had quite a dumpster of a year, but why not laugh through it? Kick off 2021 with some positivity by cracking up at these dark humor memes.

Start 2021 on the edgy side with these dark humor memes

2020 was pretty terrible, but with the help of humor & memes, we made it through this dumpster-fire of a year. And during these challenging times, bright & happy humor memes just don’t cut it because logically, dark cancels dark or something like that. 

To start off the new year, we have a fresh set of dark humor memes to keep your souls satisfied. Viewer discretion is advised. Enjoy!

Jenga to death

A dark spin to the balancing game. Surely a better way to off someone than some boring weapon. 

Evil friends

Friends who try too hard to be funny will do so till the end of time. Apparently, no one can stop them.

Optimism is difficult 

It’s hard to be saintly all the time. Medical workers are human too. *shrugs*

Grammar Nazi

Perfect spelling does help in getting taken seriously – at least with grammar nazis. 

Unbearable memes

Yikes, mommy bear & daddy bear are unbearable. 

Wise man once said. . .

“Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days” – yes we’re quoting Hannah Montana lyrics.

“I got hot sauce in my bag. . . swag”

Here’s an Edward Cullen in the making

The Proposal

Some grand gestures just don’t work the same as others.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Try harder

The education system really needs to upgrade and we’re talking more than just Zoom classes.

“Male fantasy”

Graphic violence is super popular in video games. We suppose dark humor is part of the “male fantasy”.

Did these dark humor memes satisfy your inner cynic? Let us know below!

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