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Noah Centineo seems to be the golden child of Netflix and Twitter had memes at the ready for his latest announcement.

Noah Centineo is Netflix’s slave at this point: These memes prove it

Noah Centineo has acting credits going all the way back to 2009, but his breakout role was that of Peter in Netflix’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Ever since then he’s been part of numerous Netflix projects from The Perfect Date to Sierra Burgess Is a Loser to the sequel All the Boys film.

Today Centineo was rumored to have been tapped for yet another Netflix movie – one that hasn’t even been written yet – about r/wallstreetbets. This led to Twitter making a whole lot of jokes and memes about the relationship between the actor and the streaming service.

We snagged all our favorites to share them with you.

Valentine’s Day is coming

Valentine’s day is coming and we just want someone to care about us the way that Netflix seems to care about Noah Centineo.

Is it blackmail?

We all know that getting a Hollywood acting career is all about who you know . . . but sometimes it can also be about what you know. Some are starting to wonder about the sheer number of Centineo’s Netflix roles and joking that it could be blackmail.

On the short list

Noah Centineo must be on a Netflix executive’s speed dial. Whenever they need a semi-attractive young white guy they just call him up in the middle of the night.

Never let go

When you love something they say to let it go . . . Netflix apparently doesn’t agree with this sentiment at all.

That’s the first person you think of?

Seriously though, this raises a lot of questions – how is he the first actor you think of when you hear about Wall Street and Reddit? You can’t blame Twitter for the memes.

Small company

You’d think that Netflix was a small start-up with how they keep casting Centineo in all their new movies.

Reddit has memes

You know this is a big statement. Reddit users are holding their GameStop stock like it’s keeping them alive.


Take this tweet however you want to, but we snickered a little. They both seem to show up in seemingly random projects.

It’s about the drama

Did this happen to any Redditors? No, probably not. And yet, based on all of Centineo’s previous Netflix projects this would make him being cast make a lot more sense.

The new Hollywood honor

At this point, if Netflix did this for you, it’d be the highest honor they could bestow upon you . . . well, at least in their eyes.

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