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Happy birthday to our favorite webslinger, Spider-Man! Blow out those birthday candles with these great Tom Holland memes.

Spider-Man: Get ready to laugh at these Tom Holland memes

Happy birthday to Peter Parker! That’s right, our beloved Spider-Man’s birthday is today. So why not celebrate by looking at memes with one of our favorite Spideys’ Tom Holland in them. After all, it’s not really a fictional character’s birthday unless you look at memes of them being dumb, are we right or are we right? (We rigged it. We know that we are correct.)

So let’s put that full face mask on and give a salute to Spider-Man and the MCU’s Tom Holland. After all, Spider-Man can do whatever a spider can, but a spider can’t enjoy these top-tier memes! 


Knives out for Spider-Man

Say happy to Peter or else.


It’s so funny

Honestly, though, that face is iconic. A+, Tom Holland.


No trailer today

They just really want that Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer.

And yet . . . 

Live in hope.



Seriously though. If you keep asking for the trailer, then you may never see it.



People are giving some serious love to their fave comfort character. 



Can Tom Holland as Spider-Man be more adorable?


Dork (affectionately)

Gotta love that nerd, huh?


Does a heart good

Look at these three Spideys!


That faaaaace

Happy b-day!


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