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We’re here to uncover some of the best memes that perfectly embody the anti-vaxxers shutting down coronavirus vaccine sites.

Memes: Anti-vaxxers shutting down coronavirus vaccine sites

Around 2:00 p.m. PT on Saturday, January 30th, 2021, a group of anti-vax protestors made it extremely difficult for those who were hoping to get the available vaccine for the coronavirus. An estimated fifty protestors blocked the entrance to Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium, currently the biggest vaccination site in the U.S., carrying signs & shouting their anti-vax agendas to those who freely sought the coronavirus vaccine.  

While the LAPD & L.A. Fire Department were able to break up the protest without making any arrests, it’s discouraging that those who had the right to freedom of speech took things a bit too far, preventing those who have underlying health conditions or are considered “high risk” from protecting themselves by getting the coronavirus vaccine.

We’re here to uncover some of the best memes that perfectly embody this event, and hope that these types of protests cease, for the sake of returning to normalcy so that we can get margaritas & guacamole with our friends again! 

How to Train Your Wife

Dangerous opinions for the sake of being rebellious is, well, dangerous. 

Nick Furious

I think we can agree that a Samuel L. Jackson rant on anti-vaxxers would be amazing.  

The dark side

This coronavirus vaccine meme is a bit dark, we understand. That being said, Baby Yoda does make it cute! 

 Opinions rest flat

We’re not saying “you’re dumb”, just that “you’re wrong”. 

Memes aren’t science

If you have to resort to a meme to prove your point, then you’ve already lost. 

Special two for one

Dr. House would be a great roaster in the coronavirus vaccine era. Here’s a meme to prove it! 

Is this circle flat? 

It’s not “research” when you type in exactly what you’re looking for on Google. 

D@%%!+, D.W.! 

Not the best meme, we’ll admit . . . we just wanted an excuse to go to YouTube and crank that banger Arthur theme. 


Would you buy this on a t-shirt? 

Parents just don’t understand

“Those darn pharmaceutical companies, so concerned about creating vaccinations to serve their bottom line!” 

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