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The coronavirus vaccine remains as the only beacon of hope in stopping the pandemic, but why are sites being shut down by protests? Find out the news here.

Why are coronavirus vaccine sites being shut down by protestors?

Dodger Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Dodgers has flipped their typical baseball setting in exchange for a major vaccination site, hoping to help stop the spread of the coronavirus by giving the current vaccines to those who are both willing and fit the current criteria. So why were they forced to temporarily shut down last Saturday? 

Around 2:00 p.m. PT on Saturday, January 30th, 2021, a group of anti-vax protestors made it difficult for those who were hoping to get the available vaccine for the coronavirus, causing the largest U.S. vaccination site to shut down operations for over an hour. 

Why were protestors so adamant in disrupting those free thinkers who chose to get the coronavirus vaccine? Let’s do some unpacking before diving into the full story. 

COVID-19 vaccine and new strains

More than 400,000 people have died in the U.S. due to complications from COVID-19, and while the country is, thankfully, seeing a slight decrease in new cases, now is not the time to let up, especially with the new vaccines being administered

A few weeks ago, a new strain of the coronavirus was found in the UK, which scientists claimed to be more transmissible than the original virus. The CDC has already confirmed more than 300,000 cases of this new strain are in the U.S.. Now, we have learned that another variant has come from the virus, only this time from South Africa, assumed to be more “deadly”. 

Currently, the two vaccines being distributed & utilized in the U.S. were created by Moderna & Pfizer, with both proven at a high effective rate to combat the coronavirus. While it appears that Johnson & Johnson have also produced a vaccine with a slightly lower effective rate in combating the coronavirus, it looks like we’ll soon have a third vaccine in the U.S. to further the aid of those affected by COVID-19. 

Dodger Stadium barrier 

Last Saturday, at what’s currently the largest vaccination site in the U.S., over fifty protestors blocked motor vehicles from entering the site as well as from getting the vaccine. Anti-vax people, who, mind you, are given the freedom of speech, have seemed to have taken a step too far, preventing those with their own beliefs & health concerns from taking care of themselves. 

The protestors gathered at the entrance of the vaccination site, carrying large signs and shouting their anti-vax messages in an attempt to stop others from getting their vaccination shot. 

The L.A. Fire Department arrived at the site just before 2:00 p.m. PT to shut down the protests as a safety precaution. LAPD officers also arrived to stop the protest, and while no arrests were made, protestors were removed after an hour long stall so those waiting could continue on with the vaccination process. 

What witnesses had to say

German Jaquez, a male who had driven from his home in La Verne to get the coronavirus vaccine told the Los Angeles Times that the protestors were shouting to the crowd how the “virus wasn’t real” and that the “vaccine was dangerous.” Jaquez said the following: 

“This is completely wrong. This is the wrong message. I’ve been waiting for weeks to get an appointment. I am a dentist; I am taking a big risk being around patients. I want to be safe for my patients and for my family. The vaccine is the only way to beat the virus.” 

Once the protest was shut down and health officials returned to their operations, many tweeted out their response to the hour long incident, including California Governor Gavin Newsom, who said, “We will not be deterred or threatened. Dodger Stadium is back up and running.” 

What are your thoughts on the protests designed to stop others from getting the coronavirus vaccine? Do you think this is right? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.    

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