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What is integrity in the workplace?

Integrity simply means to have honest and strong moral principles as an individual or a team. It means that even behind closed doors, you remain ethically proper and morally upright. Integrity in the workplace means the same thing. It involves the same set of honest principles and would put you forward as a reliable and responsible character.

No matter its size, every organization is looking for employees who will contribute to its economic and physical growth. Not only are they on the lookout for academically qualified individuals, but they are also striving to find those who have a rare blend of enviable traits revolving around integrity.

Therefore as parents or teachers, it is crucial to teach kids the reality of this trait and its importance in day-to-day activities. Every student should write an essay about integrity, and teachers should take time out to explain this to them in detail. Even as adults who are getting ready to start their careers, you should read essay examples to see how critical this is and how it would set you apart in your workplace, even in your education.

What Is Integrity?

This can be explained as the practice of being honest, open, and consistent in upholding moral values. As a person, it involves you doing the right thing in every circumstance you find yourself, regardless of the outcome, should you choose to be honest. It means being true to yourself, not minding the opinions of the herd or opposition.

In this era where the world is tethering on one foot, it is even more imperative to find people with these enviable characters in all areas of life.

In college, a professor with integrity would strive to remain free and fair to every student. In business, an employer or employee with this trait would foster an open and positive work environment for every team.

Why Is It Important To Have Integrity In The Workplace?

All successful businesses are built on finances and relationships; it is fundamental for an employee to have the integrity to be fully beneficial to the growth of such business in these areas. The importance of integrity in the workplace can not be overemphasized, and here is why:

It Fosters Trust And Respect

The attributes can not be hidden for so long. As an employee in an organization, you are constantly faced with chances where finances and other opportunities are put in front of you. It is up to you to make honest decisions on dealing with issues in a way that makes you reliable and responsible. When others notice this in you, it inspires trust and respect.

It Fosters A Positive Working Environment

If the management leads by example and integrity in the workplace, it will motivate the employees to do the same. A workplace ruled by positive traits would inspire less malicious and competitive relationships amongst staff because everyone is treated rightfully and without bias.

It Ensures High Quality

Employees and executives who have this enviable trait would ensure that only high-quality products are manufactured, and only excellent services are provided. An individual with integrity never cheats, and this would be obvious in their dealings and company culture. Consumers can be assured of only satisfactory services when doing business with them.

Integrity At Work

Here are a few workplace integrity examples to help people further understand the application of this trait in business:

Example 1: Tell The Truth

As a designer, Jack was given a client’s dress to design. The client was a celebrity, and every other designer wanted the job, but his boss was luckily chosen.

In the process of cutting the material, he made a mistake and chopped off a large piece of it. He had the option of either reporting this unfortunate incident to his boss, pretending the initial material was not enough, and requesting the client add more pieces. As a man of integrity, Jack decided to tell the truth, despite how hard it was.


Example 2: Even When No One Is Watching

Mary was a personal assistant to the C.E.O of an accounting firm. On one of such occasions, the boss was at a private meeting, and she was sent to get a file from his office. On reaching there, she realized he had left his wallet open in the office, and in it were wads and wads of cash.

No one was around, and she could have picked smoke for herself without being found out. Instead, she closed the wallet and hid it in his drawer for him to find when he returned.


It doesn’t matter what sector you find yourself in as an employer, employee, or university student; it is integral to have this trait. It would set you apart from others and paint you as a reliable and responsible individual wherever you find yourself. Build yourself, read an essay, and educate others on the importance of this.

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