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From the laptop to the cellphone, never miss a package again when you track your DHL international parcels using these helpful tips!

How to Track DHL International Parcels Easily?

A lot of apps offer DHL tracking services nowadays. One of them is a DHL Express program that supports all types of DHL International packages. However, it’s not always convenient to use this app for tracking. 

If you order a lot of parcels from various shippers, it is uncomfortable to use a separate app for each of them. A great solution is to have one app for tracking all your packages. You can use websites or mobile apps to do this, and here you will find the most popular options.

dhl international packages

Website tracking 

Website tracking has its advantages because you can see everything on a big screen, and websites sometimes have a better interface. If you prefer working with your laptop, these two apps are the best choices.

dhl international packages


Pkge has a large list of couriers whose packages you can track. It offers you to track parcels in America as well as in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Overall, it cooperates with more than four hundred delivery services, including DHL. Each shipper has its rating and an average package delivery time. 

Users can also leave comments there. So, if you doubt whether to use this delivery service or not, you can read what other people think about it. You should have a tracking number to use, and you can find orders in your account with the status of delivery. There is also a mobile app.

dhl international packages

2. Track-Trace 

This app also allows tracking packages from different delivery services. DHL and DHL Express are among them. When you visit the Track-Trace website, you see diverse lines for each shipper. You just need the tracking number of your DHL package to check the status of the parcel on the website any time you need.

dhl international packages

Mobile tracking 

Mobile tracking is very convenient because you can check the status of your package no matter if you’re at home or not. There are many mobile tracking apps, but not all of them allow tracking DHL packages. Parcels App and Parcel Track are popular solutions you can use to track DHL parcels.

dhl international packages

  1. Parcels App

Parcels App offers DHL and USPS tracking for both Android and iOS. There are also many international stores like: 

  • Amazon;
  • eBay; 
  • Joom;
  •  Aliexpress, etc. 

This app is convenient because it can automatically add your orders if you make purchases using your mobile device. So, you don’t always need a tracking number to check the location of your packages.

dhl international packages

2. ParcelTrack

ParcelTrack has free and premium accounts. All features you need for tracking DHL packages are available in the free version. The Premium one offers additional GPS tracking of the van (if it has one). You will receive push notifications about the status of your parcel when you add it to the app.

dhl international packages

Make Your DHL Tracking More Pleasant 

As you see, there are many ways to track your DHL packages. The apps described above are the top programs and websites with easy-to-use interfaces. Choose one of them and track your DHL parcels easily. Do you frequently order DHL packages? Have you tried any of the described apps? Please, share your comments and experience in the section below.

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